Feedback/Static Noise in headphones when in Unreal Editor

When plugged in to the computer with headphones (to listen to tutorial files), there is a bad feedback/static in them when you are in the Unreal Editor. The sound goes away when you click outside of Unreal, but returns when you activate the window in unreal again.

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I need a bit more information in order to reproduce your. This could be caused by a setting not even related to the Editor itself, but within your sound properties of your audio for your computer.

If you have a microphone attached to your headphones. Mute your microphone because this can cause feedback with any sounds on your system when too loud.

To clarify, are you watching tutorial videos on the wiki page or through the youtube channel?

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We are watching the UNreal Engine YouTube page and it is working fine. This static is happening ONLY in the Unreal window. The youtube will still play fine, but when the unreal window is open we will get the static in the background. It doesn’t matter if we have anything playing or not, we could just be sitting there with headphones in and all we hear is static ONLY when the Unreal window is engaged. The static changes depending on which Unreal window we click on as well. The noise will stop the moment we click outside of the unreal engine, which leads us to believe there is a setting or something up in Unreal.

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There is not really anyway for us to reproduce this on our end because it seems to be related to your computers settings. I have tried testing out your on my computer here and with no luck. There are not many Audio settings within the editor that would control the you are having.

Would you mind sending me your dxdiag? This might help me locate the as well.

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Sure. Which email address?

You can link your dxdiag here on the AnswerHub.

link text

I actually have exactly the same DIALOG is describing, so I would be very interesting in seeing any possible solution.

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Headphone Jack. I am on a BOXX workstation as well.

Ya no worries. Let me know if you need anything else.

Quick question are you guys using a usb headphone set or a strict headphone jack?

Ok thank you, I am attempting to gather as much information as possible so I can address this.

Same for me, headphone jack for headphones. The static noise is only present when working inside the UE4 window. The noise is present in both headphones and desktop speakers. My PC is a standard desktop workstation.

One more question, what version of the engine are you working in?

There is a discussion on this topic over on the forums as well, here is that link:

For me this happens when I have my headphones plugged into the front jack on my PC, it is not overly loud but is a constant white noise. Also it only occurs when the viewport is running in realtime mode, clicking and holding a mouse button within the viewport will pause the sound.

I believe in my case at least this is electrical interference from my video card (ASUS gtx 660 ti), it only occurs when the GPU usage is at it’s peak. For me the occurs in games as well (with the audio muted), I also had this with another game engine in the past, and all versions of the editor so far.

Here is my DxDiag as well: link text

Hope that info helps to track down the cause, but I have a feeling it is hardware related. :slight_smile:

Using 4.5.1

As mentioned this seems to be hardware related and when used in correlation with the front headphone jack as well. I can make this known with the development team, but because it only happens with a select few users and seems to be related to specific hardware, there is not much on our side that can be changed.

That being said, try changing some of your sound property settings and attempt to narrow down what exactly is causing your feedback. It could be that since UE4 is utilizing your computers GFX card and CPU heavily, you are hearing the feedback from those components.

One suggestion would be to lower you engine’s scalability settings and see if that reduces increases your computers performance and gets rid of the.

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Ok thanks. Odd that the Quadro K6000 and our V2 processors would have been the root cause of the. We dont get the feedback with 3DS Max or any of the Adobe products which also use both heavily. Thanks for looking into this though. We will try and narrow it down on our end.

I can confirm that as well for you, 3dsMax/Maya/Photoshop/Substance Painter etc are not demanding enough on the GPU (constant load).I’m not sure what programs come with the K cards, but I have a small app that shows me details such as GPU load, voltages etc in real-time, using that I can see the % being used and on my system it needs to be above 80% load on the GPU before I hear anything.

Even further, try muting the audio from the taskbar and use UE4 again, you will notice that it occurs even with the audio output muted, therefore I am pretty sure there is some kind of interference going on. :slight_smile:

Ya I tried with it muted too and still got it. I wonder if it could be components that are using inside the BOXX workstation?