[FEEDBACK] Some questions regarding the roadmap


From time to time I check the roadmap to see what to expect on the horizon of new engine versions.
I have two questions:

  1. All items in the “AI” subcategory were backlogged until recently. Now the date flags are gone completely. Does that mean any work on the AI subsystem is on hold indefinitely?

  2. The “BP” category shows currently only two cards, realated to the TMap and c++ conversion support. Does the absence of any further card mean no further development on the BP subsystem is planned?

Not complaining, just curious :slight_smile:


In answer to number 2 there are two cards on the road map. The first deals with scripting language research and the second states scriping language implementation.


Yes, exactly. But how is that an answer. You just said what I said in my question… :confused:

PS: And scripting language is not in the BP but in the core category…

I assume the main devs working on BPs would work on the scripting language. Which would mean BPs would be put on hold for a while and no new features would be put on the roadmap. Sorry for that poorly worded post.

Hey KVogler.

AI work is planned to continue in 2017, but we are still determining the timeframe. We’ve labeled AI cards with a 2017 Backlog label for now.

We’re definitely continuing work on Blueprints in 2017. The team is currently planning their 2017 development efforts, and we plan to update this roadmap once that process has completed. Expect this update to come after the holidays.


Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: