As being new to Rocket I may have (and probably do have) confusion in some concepts which may lead to some (hopefully not all :slight_smile: ) points not being valid.

01.) Tools/Placement mode

  • filter buttons are great (Props, Particles… Recent), but I miss something like “Classes” filter that would show only things like CameraActor, AtmosphericFog, Light actors and so on
  • most of the actors are not visible in any other category, so when user want’s to place them from the “Tools” tab, he has to use the “All Content” filter which then shows all other assets too

02.) BP/Timeline

  • it would be nice if windows with curves in Timeline (and on other places in editor) could be resided, or if at least they would have 2-3 sizes that could be toggle with some icon
  • again in timeline, but also anywhere else where it applies, it would be great for the handles like those on cubic-locked if they could be made longer by the user - dragging a handle away from the key would make the handle (and the opposing handle too) longer, this is how it works in most 3d apps, problem with current handles is that as they are short, they feel imprecise when user tries to fine tune a curve; if it’s a problematic request, then something like “handles length” in properties would be good too

03.) Minimize of different sub editors/tools

  • many of the subeditors in Rocket have the minimize button greyed out, not sure why when macros on keyboard or mouse set-up to minimize apps work in this subeditors with disabled minimize buttons

04.) Saving and loading UI Layouts

  • would be fantastic to be able to save UI Layouts and then being able to quickly switch between them from dropdown menu (for example next to the console at the top of the editor)

05.) BP navigator

  • something like “Navigator” in Photoshop which has a separate view on the BP which can be zoomed out and then user can quickly move the view of the BP in the navigator

06.) Actor icons excluded from post process

  • no idea if this is technically possible, but it would help if actor icons could be excluded from post processes, basically if they would be shaded like in unlit view mode
  • right now, for example in “Effects” sample project, all actor icons glow strongly and forces user to different workarounds (there are workarounds like game mode, disabling some PP for the viewport)

07.) Collapse and expand all commands

  • would be helpful if for example in Main editor, Details, there would be a rightclick menu which would have “Collapse all” and “Expand all” commands that would do what they say with all the property groups
  • same for any other place with property groups

08.) Asset browser show/don’t show sub-folders toggle

  • asset browser could have a button/icon to toggle between “showing content of subfolders” and “not-showing content of subfolders”. Both modes are useful so a quick way to toggle between them would be nice
  • something for consideration - for new users, wouldn’t it be better if by default content browser wouldn’t show content of subfolders? I don’t think I have seen this kind of behaviour in other softwares, so potentially it could be confusing.

09.) Scene outliner filters

  • I would find it extremely useful if scene outliner would have some filtering options, for example like the toggle buttons/icons in “Placement mode”
  • it would be useful if more then one filter could be toggled at the same time
  • buttons to toggle all, non and invert current toggles would be also very useful
  • I think on larger scenes with many objects, without filtering Outliner becomes harder to use

10.) Layers visibility

  • right now, there is a command “Make all Layers Visible” in the rightclick menu
  • “Make all Layers Invisible” and “Invert visibility” commands would be also useful

11.) Content browser filters

  • I think it would be useful to have some small buttons/icons to select all, none and invert under each group and for all filters too.

12.) Vim - transition names

  • right now, when a transition is created, it’s default name is Transition, I think it would be helpful if the transition is automatically named like this → Transition + the text which also appears when mouse hovers above transition icon in the graph (which is name of the first state “to” the name of the second state)
  • the transition name could go after dash (Transition - Transition Name) or be in bracket (Transition [Transition Name])

+1 all of these requests.

11.) Content browser filters

I think it would be useful to have some small buttons/icons to select all, none and invert under each group and for all filters too.

I’m curious why you would ever want to invert the filter selection overall or for an individual category. It doesn’t seem like something that would be very useful.

Also, you can already select all/none for a category by clicking the heading item.

Selecting all or none for the entire filter list would essentially be the same, too, since having no filters enabled is the same as having them all enabled.

It seems like the only thing really missing is a “Clear Filters” item, even though you can already do that from the right-click menu of a filter if you really want to.

I somehow didn’t realize about “selecting all in section”, will update the separate request to reflect this. Invert is useful when you want select more items except one or two that you already had selected. Yeah, it’s not a huge feature, but still find it useful (for example in 3dsmax).

So, if I had Static Meshes and Materials set as my filters, you want the ability to click an Invert button and then that would disable those two filters and enable all the others? So, you would see everything but Static Meshes and Materials? I’m still having trouble seeing where that would ever be useful. Inverting your selection inside the Content Browser could potentially be useful, but that has nothing to do with filters.

Maybe we are getting confused with selection and setting filters?

Basically yes. I find it useful in 3dsmax, not the most often used feature, but allows for quicker work with filters. Anyway, good thing that we are only suggesting and the clever folks at Epic decide which is good idea, which not, what works with the overall concept they have in mind for UE4. :slight_smile:

Sorry if it seems like I am trying to dismiss the idea. That was never the intention. :slight_smile: I was actually hoping to get you to provide a real-world example of when and why this would be useful since we have so many disparate filters. 3dsMax only has a small amount so it makes more sense in that context.

I could definitely see an invert command to toggle the enabled state of the filters you have set already. So, if you had 5 filters set with only 2 actually enabled, you could quickly toggle between those and the 3 disabled ones.

It also seems like having custom filter sets you would be able to create could be really useful.

No worries, no hard feelings. I just thought the usage is obvious and you simply don’t find it useful (which would be ok too).
Your example is good one. I think such functionality in groups and also for everything would be nice, but I really may be wrong and would be the only one using it :slight_smile:
I will post this feature in separate post as requested, also with updated picture where it doesn’t look that horrible with the big filter buttons everywhere.

asset browser could have a button/icon to toggle between “showing content of subfolders” and “not-showing content of subfolders”. Both modes are useful so a quick way to toggle between them would be nice

This is already available in Editor Settings:
BP Navigator seems cool. Would love to have that.

I know about the editor setting for subfolders, but I have noticed that often I would like to be able to quickly switch between those two different behaviours, therefor some quick way via toggle icon in the browser would be very useful.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for all of your feedback. We have a large team that handles a wide variety of issue, so if you could, please break these requests down into individual posts. I can collect all of the general feedback from this post, but if you want a developer to look into an issue, I will have to assign devs specifically to the posts.

Thank you,


I thought not to spam it here with so many requests, but ok, I will break those into individual posts.