Feedback on the new docs site
This link only takes you to an table of contents page and has nothing to do with ViewModes as described. I’ve also had this happen with other links of this type. Getting answers from the unreal site is very difficult.

The image is no longer displayed. Instead I see this text boxed in red:

An example hardware layout with three render nodes(h:600)](incameravfxdiagram.jpg)

Thank you

Hey Echo_Four, I could have been more specific. The code samples appear to have been HTML encoded. This is a declaration that compiles:

 DECLARE_DYNAMIC_MULTICAST_DELEGATE_OneParam(FDramaWithFriends_OnEventConfig, const FDramaEventConfig&, NewEventConfig);

Howdy - just noting a broken/missing video link, step 11 from this page -…Sub/index.html

and again same error at step 14


Hi there, you might want to double-check this, but I think the module name is incorrect on this page:…ule/index.html

It is not HttpServer. It is HTTPServer, like the folder in the include file. HttpServer would compile for me but not package. HTTPServer packaged.

If you look in the file HttpServer.Build.cs, you’ll see the module declared: public class HTTPServer : ModuleRules. It’s a mixed case aerial turkey-romp, but the packager needs the class name.

It should be great to comment every page to ask precision !
Thanks for all

HI, suggestion at least for newbies to Source Control.
Under source control and perforce there isn’t much info on what ‘files’ to add to server ( local host here), given:

“To submit something, first right-click on the change list and then select Submit. Then enter a change list description and click”.

Doing this all for the first time literally, that’s very vague. Many of us are creating landscapes , some small games etal, so something using those at least as an EX, would be very helpful, bc atm I ve no idea where to even start , for sure.

Being unsure isn’t healthy in this game.


I’ve followed the steps on that page (Exporting Pro Media Files | Unreal Engine Documentation), but it still doesn’t show up as an option:

I’ve also followed the docs for using the Movie Render Queue Output Formats (Movie Render Queue Output Formats | Unreal Engine Documentation), and these instructions don’t work, either. I’m using 4.26.1, though it wasn’t working in 4.26 either. Here’s what I see for output options inside the Movie Render Queue (note that Final Cut Pro XML is not the same as ProRes):

The networking overview page: Networking Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

Has a “Multiplayer Programming Quick Start” link in “See Also” that is currently broken:

Hello, the image is still not available, it still says An example hardware layout with three render nodes(h:600)](incameravfxdiagram.jpg)

Thank you

After I had open any image and then close it, I am not able anymore to scroll page until refresh

Nothing has changed in a year …
are you sure that feedback isn’t useless ?

Wrong image for step 6:

This image is supposed to show how you decrement ammo, but it is a repeat of the previous step.

How are people supposed to learn the engine and how to use it when the basic how to documents like character movement are not even up to date?…ers/index.html

Code on this page is untested and probably not even read after writing. There are errors like “TArray UVTransforms” and “TArray<type>”

Also, weird style of writing “class” in member variables declarations

**UPDATE: **someone finished the code already and it seems to work: GitHub - Luis24989/SkeletalMeshMerger: Plugin tha merges skeletal meshes at runtime, good for procedural skeletal meshes I only had to remove lines 83 and 84 from header to make it compile and replace AddInitialized with AddDefaulted in cpp to prevent it from crashing

Is there any way to access the old C++ API reference documentation? It did provide example code and more extensive information, really valuable to get to know some methods. The new version of the reference seems quite poor and incomplete compared, probably until it’s finished, but in the meantime it would be good to have access to the previous version. Thank you

Niagara docs/examples are for older version? 4.26.1 slightly different than documents

Documentation pages need more than just what the name of the input, output, and pin type on blueprint nodes are. They need to actually say how the nodes function!

Example, I want to use ProjectPointToNavigation, it doesn’t tell me what the extent input is for or how to use the node. Documentation needs to be better.

A fix to the HDR documentation page: High Dynamic Range Display Output | Unreal Engine Documentation

Following this page’s recommendation to use the “Enable HDR Display Output” will never work in a standard project. The docs fail to mention that the source checks whether the config variable “r.AllowHDR” is set to 1 or not, otherwise it ignores the request. Using the console command bypasses this check but also bypasses the automatic setting of fullscreen modes so is less useful.

The “r.AllowHDR” config variable should really be mentioned on this page, you’ll only find out about it by reading the source code otherwise.

in the doc of “DemoNetDriver” please include essential information like demo recordhz, because the default value of recordihz is 8 that gives a choppy result which cannot be used. so it might be worth including one more line that shows how to increase the recordingHZ to 30 or 60. i.e “demo.recordhz 60” to get fluid recording from demorec #demorec #recording