Feedback on the forum Profanity filter... Um, a bit strong perhaps ;)?

I just noticed that when replying to a post, the profanity filter removed the beginning of some of my words. The word in question is ‘nobody’ (as in, not a single person).

I think the settings might need some tweaking :wink:

Yes sir, you are correct! With the new forum roll-out our profanity filter is catching a few false positives that we are working to correct; our community folks have fixed up 4-5 instances of this today.

Please continue to let us know as you encounter new profanity filter snafus, and we will do our best to squash em. =)

Filter catches ridiculous (r i d i c u l o u s), which is… funny :wink:

Thanks everyone.

We are aware of this and will work on getting it fixed.


Can we just ditch the profanity filter? Obviously you’ll get the occasional sweary post, but that’s hardly worse than spammers anyway?


noble, gone prone.

n o b l e.
gone p r o n e.


Profanity Filter - Fixed!

The profanity filter should be largely fixed now. So speak of the words Prone, Noble, Homosapien, and all other ridiculous things, to your hearts content! :slight_smile: