Feedback on story survival short novel please (WIP) (My game will be based off the completed novel)

Hello All. I am planning to make a game. I am in the preproduction stage as I am still writing up the novel that the game will be based off of. And I am also doing the sketches, artwork, etc.

Please take 5 minutes to read over the first few chapters (only 4900 words total) and let me know whether you like it, hate it, love it, give feedbacks, edits, suggestions etc etc.

Thanks so much. The first chapter is here and you can get the next few chapters via links on the page.

You can comment here or directly on the chapter on the page. Thanks and be 100% honest.

As for Unreal Engine. I so far have the HUD via unreal blueprints from watching some tutorials.


I am closing this thread as its the same as this one, please don’t post multiples of the same thread.