Feedback on sci fi floor package

Hi everyone.

Currently i am doing a project for my university course in game design and project management.

We have been assigned to develop a product which we can analyze if it has a costumer need on a market.

I choose to develop a small 3D package containing 10 futuristic sci fi floors which can be used for multiple purposes. They have 2-4 material ID’s. The concept is to give developers the freedom to assign and experiment with their own materials in order to find a preferred outcome.

I would really appreciate if some people would try out this package and give constructive feedback on what can be improved with the product. Any type of positive / negative feedback is welcome.

The feedback will be used in my product market report which is part of my course.

The assets are free to keep and to use to whatever purpose you want. The assets will not be published on UE4 marketplace.

Link to pictures…I6?usp=sharing

Link to download, the project is in version 4.25