[FEEDBACK] on GameTextures Material Pack

Whenever i drag in a material from this pack into a level for the first time, my system (macbookpro, not the best for UE4 development, even with a core-i7, 16G of ram and an extra discrete (3D) graphicscard) grinds to a complete halt for between 60 and 120 seconds.
CPU utilisation for the UE is at 200% (meaning 2 cores fully hogged) and no interaction with the editor is possible.
After i wait it out (for each material that i try!) everything works fine.
Anyone have any idea what is going on ?

it happens to me too but just for 3-4 seconds and then it’s ok

Its converting them or something. If you select them all, right click them, and close the popup menu afterwards without choosing an action it will convert all in one go.

probably your graphics card making the wait extra long, plenty of bad “discrete” graphics cards out there. I have a 660 ti and my wait is about 4-5 seconds, but only when I first load it up in a level.

yep i read something like this from a EPIC member

the first time you use take a bit long.

It sounds like it’s caching the files and whoever created the project file most likely used a format like TGA or BMP rather than JPG which is unnecessary for textures unless you want to compress an Alpha channel.