Feedback on environment art using Landmass and Auto Landscape Material?

I’m currently making an alien-like moon environment with planets in the sky/space with a sun prism shooting out of the moon. This is for my portfolio in which I hope to get a 3D environment art job in the gaming industry. I could use any feedback. Currently, I still feel like something is off about the landscape but I can’t quite put words into it. Is it not detailed enough? Too blue? Also, the planets, I am having the most difficult time figuring out how to make planet textures. So I came across Planet Creator 1 V2 and Planet Creator 2 V2 in UE4 Marketplace ($60 together). Is it okay to use this if I buy this for my project for my portfolio in hopes to find a job? Will I have to cite the source and author of the marketplace item?
Here are some screenshots of the environment I made in UE4.26 and the landscape is made with auto landscape material and landmass.