Feedback on early level

Just started adding foliage and art assets to what was previously a functional whitebox.

Still not super comfortable with Unreal or creating photo real environments with Megascan assets.

Any advice on how I can make this look better?

This is an area of spare forests separated by open planes, inspired by the Mongolian countryside.
This is using about a dozen grass, rock, tree and material assets
I’ve also done very little to the lighting, just added fog and moved the sun. No post processing yet

You can use post process volume

Yeah thats on the list :wink:

sorry i read too fast

The main thing that jumps out to me as unnatural is the tiling of the grass material. Maybe consider fiddling with the tiling, and/or adding some grass meshes to the material to further obscure the tiling?

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The foliage materials are way too bright in comparison to the ground material (or vice versa).
Ideally I’d try to have them a similar color palette and brightness, especially when faking a grass layer beneath. Having contrasting brightness might work when having sparse growth on top of a rock layer, but it doesn’t when trying to fake greenery.

Yeah that is something I’ve definitely noticed in this scene, but I have no idea how to adjust it, as the tree assets for example, are imported from other Unreal asset packs. Perhaps I can play around with the materials and try to get it to blend better

Good call, yeah I haven’t had much time to play with the landscape material, but I for sure what to adjust the tiling more when I get a chance.I’ve been wrestling with the Quixel foliage trying to get more even coverage but unless I set the density to something insanely high, it always comes out patchy like that…