Feedback on Blueprint "Timeline" node

Currently i am working a lot with the timeline to animate several elements at once.

To stay procedural i have all animation (color) curves stored in external curve assets.
However i have found a few quirks that might be improved upon to increase ease of use:

When loading up an “external” curve in the timeline, the curve is not editable/tweakable.
For this it could be either synchronized between the timeline and the external curve (after an initial “confirm you want to edit this?” prompt),
or to have the ability to create a new/unique timeline based of the initial keys.

When animating linear color curves in the timeline and having “ShowCurves” unticked, i would love for the big grey unused space to just collapse so you only see the color ribbon.

When working with the timeline i was also unable to increase/decrease the height of the different animation tracks below the “minimum height” in the timeline. This height is already fairly high. The ajustment is also done with a hidden little slider instead of just the “grab and adjust” method usually seen in other windows.
Currently with my 1050p screen i can only just fit 3 animation tracks in a full screened blueprint window, while if everything was just collapsed to just the color ribbons there would fit about 11 tracks.

Another improvement would be the ability to load animationcurves through blueprint variables into the timeline entity.
Arrays of animation curves would also make procedural support a lot more interesting. where you input an array and then use a node like “get animation value from timeline” that comes with a index number to call different animation curves in the same array’d output.

Hello MissStabby,

After looking over you post I thought that your feedback would make for a good feature request. I have written up a report ( UE-14160) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your time and information.

Make it a great day