Feedback Needed Please.

I’m fairly new to level game designing and I wanted to get input on what I create so far. Side note, I have a low end graphics card but I’m upgrading within a week or so. But I wanted to create a forest/waterfall level with rain pouring, wind blowing and the leaves coming off, due to the heavy wind. I don’t care if you think it’s the ugliest thing you’ve seen, tell me. I need feedback so I can improve. Thanks for your time! P.S I need help with a wind blueprint.



Its really hard to comment on this as it appears very basic.
But its a start so keep it up.


You’re using a very sharp shadow and you should try to make it smoother. Your terrain is shaped a good way but you lack of good foliage. You should make more grass, some bushes …
And the water could be more transculent.

Good luck and good job, keep it up :slight_smile:

Is this meant to be for a video? Interactive? Just stills? The first picture you have is a good angle for the scene. The layout looks natural and not manufactured. Currently it’s hard to tell what in the scene is the way it is because of your video card, or because of low quality/low resolution assets. I agree with the post above that you need to soften the shadows (with daylight), and the scene needs foliage. All texture and shadow resolutions look very low at the moment too. I would also use a very pale orange as your light color to give more of a warm sunny feel to it. It’s a very good starting point so far.

its a very clean scene, i kinda like it! More pls

My GPU is low end. I don’t have a reason of making this, just playing around in UE4. You never know, if it turns out good enough I might turn it into a full project. Anymore advice and would you like to be updated as I go along?

I don’t want to over crowd it with foliage. Any advice? Aldo how do I make shadows smoother?

Thank you! Anything you would like for me to add?