Feedback needed for my Dungeon Crawler Prototype – Master’s Project

Hey guys, I’m currently a student at Staffordshire University studying for my MSc, and I’m looking for some people to playtest a game for one of my modules.

Here is a link to download the executable game:

Here is a link to the Playtest survey for feedback:

The game has taken around 7-8 weeks to build, and is for an environment design module where we’re required to produce a dungeon crawler prototype.

At the moment, there are a few known bugs and no audio, as I am currently testing the base gameplay.

Also, I note I have taken advantage of using Infinity Blade assets and the Mixamo characters/animations.

I hope you enjoy the short adventure, and please take the time to fill in the survey.


My environment is now finished and ready for playing.

Here is the level trailer:

This is a recorded playthrough:

Here is a link to the playable download location:

Here is a link to the new playtest survey: