Feedback List

First congratulations to the whole team at Epic for yet another great product. I have a few small suggestions to make.

  • Accept payment via PayPal
  • Offer option for annual payment
  • Marketplace accessible via website
  • Export to Linux
  • Hotkey to capture screenshot in Imersive Mode (and save in screenshot folder on project folder)
  • QuickLock in ContentBrowser (like a Mac). Pressing the space bar, it displays a small preview of the object (models, sounds, particles, etc.), so the user need not open a full window only to see the object, it would be faster and more direct, pressing the bar space again, this mini-window would be closed,
  • Native integration with Git, as well as the EU4 will support out of the box for SVN and Perforce, it would be great if he also would support Git.
  • Audio Item. Assign multiple audio files to one Audio Item and choose between several modes which one is played (Randomly, Sequence, Loop, etc…)
    Example: User creates an audio item called Shoot and add different sounds of shooting this item. So when he call this audio item, the system would randomly choose (for example) one of the audios and play.
  • Screen to create/manage KeyBinding. So we could create an input called Jump for example, and this input would be displayed in Blueprint Screen, as an key/button press event.
  • In the lower left corner of the screen Blueprint, a description of the event, under the name of the event could be displayed.
  • Localization System. I did not get to dive deep into Unreal4, but she has a localization system that allows create games in multiple languages​​?
  • Add subtitles to video tutorials on YouTube. I think it would be great if the videos have subtitles in German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc … Or if you can not translate into these languages ​​at least add the caption in English. I think the community would be happy to help translate the subtitles of videos.


Thank you very much for the feedback!

Specifically re: the audio item, have you taken a look at SoundCues? They sound like what you’re after, but I might be misunderstanding. You can check out some documentation here:

I looked in the documentation, and is the same SoundCue, thank you.
I hope you enjoy my feedback.