Feedback for Unreal 4 website

I suggest some features to the website of Unreal4.

  • Make the header of the site is the same across all sites (Website / Forum / Answers / Wiki), making them easier to go from one to another.

  • Update the site showing more than the engine can do, miss information, the old site of Unreal3, had detailed pages about each feature of the engine.
  • Back with links to YouTube/Twitter/Instagram in the header
  • Code on documentation, or posted on the forum has syntax highlite getting colored, making it easier to understand.
  • Installing plugin forum to know who quote me.
  • Making the username of employees / forum moderators Epic are colored (or have some differential) to make it easier identifies it on the forum.
  • Log onto a website (answers / wiki / forum) causes them to be automatically logged in all the others.
  • This suggestion is a bit more complicated, I have worked with systems forum, and used long vBulletin, version 4 was the best, but unfortunately with some decisions made in the development of vBulletin5, he became an unusable system, this have the IPB and XenForo, which are modern systems. My suggestion would be to change the forum for one of these two systems, since version 5 of vBulletin is unusable, making version 4 (used here in the forum) no longer receive updates. The suggestion to change, it is because both the IPB as XenForo, has received new interesting features, besides being always adapting the current needs of the users of the forums.
  • Update date on Documentation Pages. It would be easy to identify if that page was recently updated documentation (mirroring the changes in a new version of Unreal for example).
  • If possible, could use some translation system (like Transifex for example) to allow users to help translate the engine documentation for other languages ??(such as German, Portuguese, French, etc …)

I’ll comment on a couple of these as they relate to my area of expertise (documentation):

That is the plan I believe. I dont know what the ETA for it is though. I tried to make the documentation match as much as possible. Hopefully that has made using the docs a pleasant experience.

Doing this in the documentation should be pretty trivial. Its already set up for it for the most part. It just needs to be enabled.

Epic employees should say “Unreal Engine Developer” under their names, but I agree something more obvious would be good.

We have plans to move all of the documentation into the wiki down the road which would solve both of these issue I believe.

Thanks for all the feedback!

There is an item I can chime in on from this list too! =)

This is our eventual goal, and definitely a priority for the web work. We can imagine we are as keen as you are to have SSO enabled so we don’t have to retype credentials repeatedly! =)

Personally I have been using Last Pass (+ checking the ‘remember me’ boxes where available) which is helping a lot in the short term, but SSO will be a very nice improvement when it comes online! =)