Feedback for Tutorials ?

Hello all !

I was just going through this and I tought that maybe giving feedbacks to Epic on their tut can be nice for future ones. So here goes:

I was expecting to find a nice short series about only C++ programming while starting to this since I am especially trying to stay away from Blueprints ( Because I already know quite a bit of visual scripting and want to focus on coding.) Also blueprints have their own tutorial so I didn’t think that they would show up here.
Then the series turned into a whole mess of C++, Blueprint, Materials… I guess there was even a curve-something somewhere.

Then I stopped coding at that point because my attention got scattered all around and the example in the tutorial wouldn’t be completed without all these extra things.


  • Please put a warning in each main tutorial’s explanation about requirements: Requires: Blueprints, Materials… So that we would invest our time accordingly.

  • Don’t make examples more complicated just to show more ways to do things in a beginner tutorial. People are usually NOT interested in a tutorial that goes over all around trying to teach many things in a single GO. Just make another short tutorial somewhere else and say " Hey there is also this another way. " It would probably take same amount of time for you to do it.

  • If you are planning on changing code related structure ( like 4.6) please also update your tutorials, and if you can not do it ( lack of available hands at the time) just don’t change anything on the code side. It took 2 days for me to get some help from other knowledgeble people in the forum to figure out the first episode of the tutorial. This was exactly the reason that I was trying to switch from another engine, thinking " Things are actually working over there" . Right now there simply isn’t a difference ( ın terms of technical side of things and figuring out workflows)

Thanks for caring about us.

Would you mind giving some more details on what change caused problems? We really do try to minimize engine API changes unless there is a really good reason, so understanding when people are being caused problems is helpful for us.

Hi James!
I assume TAN_ is talking about removing initilization stuff with PCIP and TSubobjectPtr<>

Nailed it.

By the way I exactly followed the “4.6 Transition Guide” before making any attemp. And I still couldn’t do it. Just tought I better say beforehand.