Feedback for Trailer? (Project Fragile)

Appreciate any feedback.

Specific questions:es

  1. High enough production quality for a indie-level game trailer? or needs to be taken up a few notch?
  2. Is this mysterious & intriguing or confusing & off-putting?
  3. Is this appropriately paced? or irritatingly slow?

Also, what’s the communities appetite for downloading and playing a few levels of a 3GB slow-burn action/adventure game? Worth posting and soliciting feedback? and is that legal? I have royalties-free rights to every thing, except the Unreal engine of course, and I’m not sure about the content I borrowed from the free unreal demo content.

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Hey Gavin!

  1. Depending on whether this is the height of the visuals you are aiming for, it looks like it could be alpha footage. If these are the graphics you’re intending to release with, the only thing I’d recommend is smoothing the camera work a little bit.

  2. There is certainly mystery around it through the narration, but the footage doesn’t seem to line up with what’s being said. It’s gameplay overlayed with what I’m assuming is story narrative. If you have any cutscenes or something story specific to show, it could help to convey what’s going on.

  3. Can’t say I saw an issue with the overall pacing, just the feedback I provided above.

I don’t see why you can’t post your game. UE4 example content is free to use so long as your project uses the engine. If you have marketplace content, just make sure anything you post is in cooked format so that you aren’t releasing marketplace content for free as that’s against the license agreement.

Good luck!

The only thing bad visually that stands out to me is that the lighting is very flat, like maybe there aren’t enough reflection capture actors in the levels.