Feedback for the FORUM

Hey, This is unrelated to the actual engine and just about the forum.

I was thinking in order to make it a little more active and fun, have reputation or badges.

Such as if people thank your answers, or like your help they can give you reputation and at a certain point you get badges, or just the reputation shows.

This way we know who gives good advice, will also promote people into being helpful.

Actually it’s not that hard to see who really is helpfull. We aren’t 1000’s of people like stackexchange for example, so I suppose it’s not needed. But I think we will get badges as in the old ue forums. There are already some people having badges.

I’d personally rather see people being helpful if they want to be, not because it earns them virtual ‘brownie points’.

Michael Noland

AnswerHub has an up-vote/down-vote system and i have 4K whatever points there but i wish i had less points and we had more people helping answer questions there…

And before people start hating AnswerHub again; if we didnt have AnswerHub the forums would be unreadable with the amount of questions being asked. The majority of AnswerHub posts have short answers and bugs are taken care of by Epic staff so i believe it is a good thing that we have Answerhub.

Yeah. Couldn’t resist.