Feedback for My university assignment in Unreal!

Hi everyone. I created this level in Unreal using assets from the content browner and i would like to hear some feedback. So tell what you think!
There are some small issues with some sounds thought and i know about them.
Here is the video:

Very nice

The fast rewind at the end might actually be a better beginning / intro / summary etc.
So end the story / narrative with the monster on the high cliff above, then fade out???

The first ruin has a center circular structure that looks too perfect / not ruined enough!
The lined-up windmills look too perfect too. Re-arrange them or drop one or two maybe.

Overall I liked it. Outdoor medieval levels tend to look great and also be a lot of fun.
So everything was based on free Epic content, which packs have some windmills etc?

Thanks for the feedback.
In the end the player is supposed to die and thats why the screen fades to black. It was a level design assignment so i didn’t have to make any more complicated game-play elements.
I used the infinity pack and the world demo vegetation pack. The mills are from the Internet a free to use model and i just modified them in maya.