Feedback for Inventory Features for Lyra

Hi people how are u?
i am working in inventory plugin will be available soon market epic

can u give me a feedback, UI? Features? Ideas? thx!

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Hello there @Muche ! First of all, I love the video. I love how thorough you are with everything. It really shows that you put a lot of thought into this feature.

Everything is looking good so far and I’m loving the ease of picking up some items and it automatically equipping them. Do you plan on doing a take all button for the loot or perhaps a sort inventory button? I was only curious as I know that I personally use those features a lot when I have them.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hello! thanks a lot! It’s the first feedback I’ve received, you don’t know how happy your words made me! thank you! I love what I do!

It seems to me that a filter in the inventory would be very helpful, we have to see how I implement it. Turning off the others, Opacity 0.2?, Reducing the inventory? I do not know yet.
I’ve created the Loot All ability, but haven’t implemented it.
I’m looking for feedback (like yours) to help me decide how to design the UX!

Thanks for your help, thousands, thanks!!

Hey @Muche ! I’m more than happy to help.

I am excited to see how the project progresses and will be sure to reach back out if anything else comes to mind!

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