Feedback for bug reporting - nobody care?

UE4 and UE5 have 100% replicable crash bug, which will make impossible to release specific openworld game.

UE5 have buggy world partition where some objects are never hidden by distance.

I reported both bugs, described when it will crash and how to replicate, attached videos with evidences, attached screenshots and sometime even a complete project.

Result is nothing. No reply, no new bug on issue tracker, no denying.

Could be there any system, that will tell me atleast “will not be fixed, we will keep the crash bug there, go to the different engine”?

Few years ago it worked ok. I got response on the bugreports like “it is fixed in new release”, or “it is bug but it will not be fixed probably never”, or “cannot replicate” etc. But after some time I started to getting no responses at all. So I stopped reporting anything and tried to live with that, but when the game crashing everytime, then I really don’t know if I should still wait for fix.

So, my feedback is: Could be there any feedback for bug reporting?.