Feedback EVERYONE!





You should probably reply to your existing threads rather than create a new one every time you have an update. =) As for feedback, the snow particles seem a little large. They could probably be a bit smaller.

I understand that you’re actually looking for pats on the back, and that’s what this forum is for so it’s all good, but what exactly do you want feedback on? The camera angles? The map layout? The textures and shaders? The particle effects? The scale of the trees? The lighting? It’s impossible to tell what’s working and what isn’t without knowing it’s purpose. You have to describe what it is that you’re trying to create.

Diesalhead has said it best, what are you trying to do? From a glance it looks like your target quality is beetle adventure racing from the N64.

Very large flat surfaces, stretched textures, generic snow. You have trees that look as though they are either growing out of ice or stone. It’s hard to really tell the surfaces as you have what appears to be a strong snow storm occurring on a bright and sunny day without any clouds.

Snow scenes are a challenging thing to do right. Snow is a lot like sand (with dunes and waves) until it experiences some melting and that is hard to re-create. Snow around trees are different as trees give off heat. Snow on lakes is really complex, in your scene it either looks like its all melted or all the snow got blown off. If the snow was blown off you would have snow drifts everywhere since that snow has to go somewhere.