[Feedback]Blueprint Interaction

Hey UDN,

After using the Blueprints for a few weeks now I have a list of suggestions that I think would make working with Blueprint much easier.

1: Shake to Break: Currently I find the way that you break all connections to a node is a bit time consuming. It would be a lot easier if you could select the node you want to break all connections to and from it by shaking the node back and forth to break all the link connections. If you have every used Houdini it’s the exact same way that you break connections to nodes in that software.

2: Making Long Connections: When working on some really big Blueprints sometimes having to make connections all the way on the other side of the Blueprint working area can be overly hard. It would be much nicer if you could do something like what you can do in the material editor. In the material editor you can Shift-Click on an output and then Shift-Click on another output/ input and have the material editor automatically make the connection for you. This is great because if your nodes are really far apart you no longer have to scroll around a huge network with the link looking for what you need to connect. This is also a nice feature to have because sometimes I lose the connection while moving and have to start all over.

3: Replacing all Connections: Sometime when you have to replace a node with a new node, re-connecting all the inputs and outputs can be very time consuming. It would be nice if you could say Alt-Click on the connections that you want to move into the new node and all the connections would be automatically input in to the new spot. This is very similar to the way that you can move connections around in programs like Substance Designer.

4: Input Misses: I do not know if it’s just me but a lot of the time when I am trying to connect something I end up completely missing the connection because I either move to quickly or I do not hit the connection pin in exactly the correct spot. Is there any way that there could be some sort of area around connection inputs/outputs so that when you are working fast you do not miss them?


Sam Deiter

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your feedback. I will pass along your requests to our developers and see what we can do about implementing these features. Of course our developers have priorities and commitments they must attend to first, but these seem like reasonable requests.

I am going to post a response in your other post as well, however I will be closing this one out since it is a duplicate.