Feedback and thoughts about the UE4 Market Place.


I talk about the main challenges I am having with doing a blueprint based game within UE4 and I also talk about ideas of what I think would really be helpful and interesting to see in the Market place.

Market place thoughts

  • Split the blueprints section into 3 different categories.
  1. Core game design components nearly all games have and need.
  • Splash screens
  • Options menus
  • Keybinding configuration menus
  • Multiplayer chat menus
  • Sever browsers
  • A plugin to quickly and easily generate dedicated server builds.
  • Any core things that you feel most or all games will need. The market place needs more of these kinds of things and I dont feel that stuff like this should be lumped into blueprints as they are super important.
  1. Standard comments with the kinds of stuff you already see in the blueprints menu.
  • Inventory systems
  • RPG stat systems
  • Spell casting systems
  • Basically any kind of small optional components you already see in the list.
  1. Game examples
  • Playable replicas of existing games
  • New game ideas demo
  • Basic toolkit game examples. Quite a few of these already exist.

During the video I talk for a bit too long about something I would both like to work on and see other people do and that is to pick popular games and clone their game play then sell as a base for other people to make new games. So to copy existing games game play and capture the feel of a game but do it in a legal way. I feel this gives example games more identity and puts more ground work in place for others to quickly make new games.

For example:

You decide you want to Clone Quake 3, you create placeholder art and recreate the movement weapons and feel of the game, create one multiplayer map and one game mode then sell it as a starting point for other people in addition to a learning example of how to make a functional game of that genre. Take the example game build to a new level where its not just a bare bones 1 gun and a jump button but rather a proven example of something that is playable with as many core elements in place as possible.