[Feedback] Allow multiple Return-nodes in Blueprint

Hi ,

I think this is a great idea and have entered a feature request, UE-17436, to be considered by the development staff.

It would be great if we had more flexibility for returns nodes like one does in C++. The logic flow is very limiting when you only have one return-node w/ params. In C++ you can more easily add multiple instances of “return”, in BP you need to maintain a local variable and pass that into the return node when you have to deal with multiple subroutines in the function.

Any news on this one? Would simplify so many blueprint graphs.

It’s available in UE 4.9

OK, I’ve just realised that I was actually referring to multiple return pins… like you can do in a macro. Not multiple return nodes. Got the two mixed up. Anyway, you can’t do multiple return pins can you? For example, making a function that behaves like a branch with two different return exec pins like the Branch node does.

Hi ,

In the case of adding multiple execution pins to a function, it is better to use a macro for this use case. At present there are no plans to add this to custom functions within the engine.