[FEEDBACK] Advanced Target System

Hi Everyone!

I’m L. Newton, you may know me from my YouTube channel. Today I’m here to present my Advanced Target System! It is a component tool designed to make targeting a breeze. Say if you’re playing a RPG, and you’re a Player who needs to heal an Ally nearby. Or if you’re playing an RTS, you’re being flanked and you need to select units to send to protect the base. Or even if you’re playing a Side Scroller, you need to open a chest or other objects near by for pick up. This makes that all an one-click process.

Version 4.15.1

Now in Marketplace
Video Documentation
Update for 4.11.2 sent to Epic



[table=“width: 1024, align: center”]

Off-Screen Indicator


**First / Third Person**

**Top Down**

**Side Scroller**


I present to you,


This system works by simply adding an Actor Component called Target Component. This component allows an actor to Select, or be Selected. There are options which are exposed to control different behaviors depending on the type of control you want.

Target Component Event Graphed Organized

Options for Easy Customization(Current Options used for RTS example)

Top Down Event Graph Sample

This script above allows you to select Units, and move them. How easy was that?

What now?

Give me feedback, and possible change request before I submit it to the Marketplace.



Q. Can you select Enemies and Attack them?
**A. **Yes you can. If you’re playing a Third Person, Side Scroller or Top Down – it doesn’t matter!

Q. Can you use this Online?
**A. **This is online-multiplayer ready!

, AWESOME! A lot of features, I liked :smiley:

This looks like a great pack ! Nicely done! =)

Hey, PeterLNewton

This is one system that is in Trello?

I liked this system.:smiley: I could use it in a rpg to managing companions?
And to targeting a spell or melee attack at an enemy, is this possible?

No this is actually entirely different system. :smiley:

I’m not sure how the other compares, features wise. Though I see it was a target system.

Targeting an melee to attack is totally possible. Works in a top down RPG scenario too such as Diablo.

Thanks man! I know you’re making an RTS, so if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear them!

Thanks! But what did you like? :3 I’m just wanting feedback at this time!

What I most liked was the top down selection system, the ability to Drag & Select Actors and I supose that when you click, you set a new location for them as well?!
I believe that the compatibility with first person and side scroller projects also increase the interest range of people on your package :slight_smile:

I will buy this as soon as it releases. Please keep us updated. There is high demand for this system!

Yep exactly! Once they’re selected, I can send Move To Location commands to them with Ctrl + X. Yep that’s the plan, I’m creating a game development tool. :smiley:

Awesome! If you have any suggestions or features you would like to personally see. I would love to hear it!

Update : Stage #1

This is great and its nice you allow the camera to smoothly follow a target! I’ll be looking forward to your documentation video. I was wondering if you had any idea how to simulate peripheral vision with this product? With a fast paced third person game an adjustable field of view would make it a tad more realistic. Nothing extreme but slight. I believe this may already be a feature in unreal though.

This has been submitted to the Marketplace!

You make a point for actors you cannot see on the screen. Say directly behind you or completely off screen in a RTS situation, its probably important that you know they’re there. I can definitely introduce a feature which takes this into account.

Thanks for your input.

Accidental repost. Tried to delete. (Replying via phone) ill check the market place when I get home. Might be a while

Eh , someone’s telling me that the marketplace is kind of slow lately. Have you received a message since submission? Would have bought this project by now!

Yes it seems to be taking some time. I’ve done everything to get it on the Marketplace. I’m just waiting as of now!

Still waiting for the curators. D:

Hey don’t sweat it. Take all the time you need. Another persons project im watching is also having a few issues. The switch to 4.8 created bugs and he had to do a few changes. Glad to see you value your work!

I noticed that, I may just update it and release it another way for the time being.


I spotted that new stuff has been added to marketplace today, but your targeting system isn’t one of them :frowning:

No worries. It will be up there soon! I’ve been in contact with them, and I’m currently revising the system. It will be even more advanced than before. :smiley: