Feedback about blueprint documentation. Some ideas.

Multiple nodes in bluerpint editor are missing documentation (ctrl+alt bigger popups). On top of that multiple nodes have same names, so it is quite confusing sometimes why this node does not work, when other one works (derived from different parts of code, but have same name). most notorious for this is moving pawn, character pawn etc. So that is about complains.

Now some ideas:

  • add extended help to all nodes that are missing it. Well maybe besides some very basic ones. Help should have line about where this node should be used, so i do not try to use pawn moving node for some vector math. It should also have some similar nodes names (together with full category in palette browsing). Countless times i recreated nodes or had long struggle when solution was there for eg. Beam Start and Beam Target nodes for beam emitters, i was doing parameters and all that when there were those 2 nodes, exactly what i needed.
  • would be nice to have some optional tab/window in blueprint editor, that always displays extended tooltip from last clicked node, this also could be edit widget for making description of own nodes, that tiny edit box is very hard to write in.
  • not sure if this should be posted here, blueprints need something for extended documentation. Some kind of comment box that can hold few pages of formatted text (bold , italic, colors). There are numerous places where i would love to put page or two explaining concepts of blueprint. Would be also great if this text could have linked nodes from graph, just like html links to other pages.