Feed vive tracker position data to Control Rig?

Is anyone trying to feed vive tracker position data to powerIK or Control Rig for solid mocap?

Any clues how one can do such a thing? Seems like magic is just within reach.

I’m an absolute BP noob. I thought of following this tut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UexGZ08goEU

He gets “evaluate live link frame” in BP to link vive tracker. The same node is there in the Control rig BP too but the vivetracker does not appear in a drop down list as it does in the normal BP in the tutorial.

Found this

Followed along, stuck here 1. where is this “FB_IK1” ? I just get 3 “control rig” ones. 2. How to get the “SET” node?

As you can see, when I pull out and set the variable I created (l_hand_trans) the “target” pin is missing.

Hi Tisani, You need to select it from Action.


Encountering the same issues, no “FB_IK1” to choose to cast to and the set node coming off any of the other possible choices is missing the “Target” pin on the Set node. The answer below didn’t make sense to me (total noob here). Any help appreciated.