Feed mask(s) to the foliage tool?

How could I feed mask(s) to the foliage tool, for scattering geometry ?

I was very satisfied with the Landscape Grass Type tool, but for the project I’m working on, it’s not working.

Making a mod for a VR game, and somehow, it just doesn’t display ingame. So I’ m stuck with finding alternatives.


what do you mean by scattering geometry exactly?

Also the grass tool and the foliage tool are 2 different things. One provides direct access and collision, the other does not.


This is the expected result, but done with the landscape grass type. I’d like to use the Foliage instead, but still feed it masks for example

the closest thing to this is the new (not really new anymore at all) procedural spawners.


the idea there is that you tie it in to a landscape layer so that they only spawn within the volume IF on that layer.

As a possible alternative- and for anyone who may have a similar situation and is bound to the foliage tool.

You can loop through all the foliage, line trace downwards by 1000 or so to the floor, and check the layer surface type (which has to be set up with a physical material like for footstep sounds).
if the result isn’t what you want you remove the instance.

While the script could take a while to run depending on # of instances, it should be completely possible to create this as an additional blueprint that calls the function as a bluetility so that the actual level instances are adjusted and saved/preserved.

because this really is a great idea, i think ill make this part of my DynoFoliage addon :slight_smile:

Thank you, gotta check out this demo. I was thinking maybe exporting my masks as actual geometry that I wouldn’t render and have the foliage tool spawn stuff onto it. Now I’d have loved to scatter blueprints as well for buildings, and gameplay elements etc. I found this cool Scatter plugin but unfortunately my mod runs on 4.21 and tool is 4.23
Looks good tho: Simple Scatter in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace