Feed a lerp with an array


I’m trying to feed a lerp with random values from an array, I’m not sure if this is possible. The lerp is linked to a timeline set as a loop. My idea was that everytime the loop starts it picks a new value from the array to feed B and the previous B value to feed A so the movement is randomized and smooth.

I am attaching a screenshot of what I have so far.

Many thanks.


maybe scale2 needs to feed into A

You should create a new vector variable and set it to a random value from the array before playing the timeline, and feed that variable into the B pin in Lerp.
The way you have it set it up each timeline update it gets different random value from the array, while this way it sets the value before the start and use the same value each update.
I would also use Play From Start on timeline just to be sure.

Many thanks. You both guys made my day.