BTW Allar is trying really hard to be more clever than us and suggesting much, much better themes. Stand by for a last minute decision

Im going to try and make this one. It will be my first UE4 Game Jam so we’ll see how this goes. Woo Hoo!!

Anyone looking for a team member ? I can program and I can art. :slight_smile:

(i did this all this art today in 7 hours)](

EDIT: I have to work all weekend, so good luck all!

Just get Ryan in for a stream :stuck_out_tongue: Everytime he’s on he’s doing something rad…

Thanks! That’s what I kind of figured, but was confused by the above posts haha. Looking forward to it! Good luck all! :slight_smile:

I want to participate.

I am good at Blueprints, but suck at art.

Are you artistic and are you able to make your own materials? Then you’re a match for me.

Send me a PM and let’s see what we can do.

Looking forward to this

Want to put my name out there for the game jam. Not so much in the way of skills but I did do a 3D modelling and animation course at uni and have a ton of free time to dedicate to this. Also I’m a nice guy!

Looking for the team to join or team up with some blueprinter/programmer , I’m mostly taking care of environment , but will work on whatever is needed 3d art related and more . Contact me on skype or via PM if you need someone like me .

I want to participate this time as well. All ideas I could think of so far are a) clones of First Person Lover or b) too complicated to make in 72h.
Well I hope I can come up with something interesting! :slight_smile:

Came up with a decent idea with the wife but darn you I had to Google First Person Lover and now I can’t stop playing it…

New to UE4, did Light Runner last GameJam, I am decent at blueprinting and some other stuff if anyone wants some extra help it would awesome to work for you, can skype, PM if you want to work together :wink:

Well lucky you it’s quite a short game. The ending is glorious. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to participate however I suck at art. If anyone needs a Blueprint programmer, please send me a PM :slight_smile:

Going lone ranger this month. See how I manage. After all my practice and hard work this could be amazing. But most likely will end in a sunday night break down hahahahaha
Wish me luck!

I have a nice idea for battlefield part, hehe, as for love… Well only thing that comes to my head is ripping out hearts on said battlefield. Will do!

Not gonna participate on this because I accidently broke my head with thinking of a good idea for the game :smiley: Good luck to all others!

Me and my daughter are working on this one:

Right now they only shoot chocolates, but we plan on adding hearts and flowers. Time to learn the particle systems.

Good luck Glzmo! Wish I was free this weekend to jam too :frowning:

I will skip this one, busy weekends and actually I feel like I’m stealing from Epic with all these gift codes :smiley: