Features Tour 2014 - Where's all the info?

I downloaded this project in an attempt to learn from it’s various modules but I can’t find anything on the site to support the project - ie: No documentation to go with the project to explain what’s going on and how stuff was done. Even the “watch video” link from inside the launcher is broken and other links from inside the documentation website are all broken. This project appears to have been updated 1 April 2016 so as to be v4.11 compatible, but any related info (whatever it is) is disconnected.

I’m way to new to UE to be able to pull this project apart or even follow what it’s doing so any complimentary documentation is vital - at least for new users like me. It looks like it could potentially be a great resource for learning much about UE4 if it were documented and the documentation/tutorial made available.

Any chance we can get links to the supporting documentation for this project?

Hi Xennon,

The Features Tour doesn’t have any specific documentation written for it that I’m aware of other than the Video that Zak Parrish has that covers this project here:

This video will not be an in-depth coverage of all the examples in the project though. For that I would suggest trying the Content Examples project as these have documentation link icons with a lot of the examples that link directly to informative documentation pages. Each map is also broken up in to a specific feature or toolset that is organized to help learning about specific things in Unreal Engine 4 easier.

With the exception of a few of these examples that were specifically setup in this project, they are demonstrated in Content Examples in some form with exception of the AI-Driven Butterfly, which was taken from the Blueprint Office example here.

Checking on the launcher, the video link above was opened directly in my browser. I have Chrome installed which shows no issues, so I’m not sure if you’re using another browser that maybe this didn’t work for. If so, can you please include that information.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Tim, for the reply and info. However, that video link you posted does not work in my FireFox. But it does work in IE. I’ll need to see if i can track down why FF does not like it. I get a 404 error.
Seems Firefox was choking on one or more cookies from Unreal. I deleted all of them and now the video link works - dunno what the problem was, but it seems to be fixed now. Thanks again for the info.