Features requests for rendering and general use of Unreal


I’m new to unreal but I have a bunch of requests/notes to make our life easier with Unreal !

Where we are on a level sequencer and click to render the sequence : keep the path and name of the file for each level sequencer ( otherwise we have to re-write them each time ). Same for the render queue.

Be able when the mouse is over the world outline to automatically go to the selected object when clicking on F ( like in maya outliner)

Don’t have all the folders that open when we close and open a level.

Be able to lock the camera when we look through it ( to prevent unfortunate move )

Remove the “camera cut” on the level sequencer (it’s useless ) but keep it on the master sequencer

When we hide an actor in the world outline it stays hidden when we reload the level.

And for the last request :

Be able to have like a parent/child level. Where we could have a master level and multiple instance levels ( if we do a change on the master all the child get the change) if we do changes on the child’s nothing happens on the master. ( this is a great way to do multiple iterations of levels without losing anything )