Features I think would be cool for an MMO

At least I think they would be cool for a full loot mmo…

Inventory slots: putting an item inside of an item inside of an item basically… and making it so that when you level up you get more base inventory slots(which each slot can hold multiple types)… so not every class can pick up every item… because every item will have a type

Multiteam matchmaking: very halo esque… where you can customize gametypes to be like oddball with multi teams but with like capture the flag in combinations where like you have to capture the flag first before you start holding the oddball and stuff like that…

special combo points that award abilities and energy bars: abilities can award points to you or your enemies… when one or more types of points tally up they can give you extra abilities, and extra mana bars used to cast these abilities, or just cast an ability automatically, or can just give you more combo points >.<… either you get points when you successfully cast abilities… or your points tally up on enemies…

gambling: being able to duel people from like a lobby… where you agree to a wager… with your ingame items and currency… and possibly even characters kreygasm

my pvp flagging system: I want many extra colors so you know exactly who is attacking you and who is not attacking you and even who you have attacked…in which case of someone you have attacked it will let you know if you will get a murder count for killing them… depending on the color and as long as you remember what color means what

my item possession protection system: where players who die have their items flagged and anyone who picks them up will become flagged… and even if that person who picks them up dies… the items will continue to be dropped flagged for the original possessor(unless someone holds onto them for some time)

pokemon gear: some gear could have an element rating attached to it… where it starts converting some of your damage to an element… so if you have an ice rating of 20 you now do 30 percent extra ice damage(and 20 percent less of your normal damage)… but people with 100 fire gear will only take 3 percent of that extra ice damage… and will also deal you 300 percent extra fire damage(the numbers wont always work that extreme… but that is the general consensus)

city takeovers: get points for doing good in pvp… use these points to form a group… take over an npc city(or siege it if its controlled by a guild now)… and farm the items in the city… and use those items in tandem with the most expensive vendor items to create the most powerful items in the game

banking in peace: allowing you to exist in the city without anyone hurting you(not guards… you are literally invulnerable)… the city is where you queue for matchmaking and trade and auction and vendor and mailbox

loot nodes: loot nodes will sometimes require you to be a certain class or item to loot them

having types of abilities… in relation to the number of which you can assign: this is a very weird way to look at things but I don’t know it kind of just slams me in the face as simple and cool for balance and time investment. my idea is that you have to spend time to assign different abilities so you cant use all your strongest abilities at once… so you have labels of different abilities… perhaps your class can only assign one “heal” and three “attacks”… where as another class can equip ten heals and only one attack… abilities could also take several days to assign(while your offline too of course the time would count down)

mercenaries: they’ll have a class just like you(although a different class totally unique to that specific mercenary)… you can cycle between them and fight your main character as AI or have them fight as AI, you can even have multiple mercenaries… mercenaries will have a cooldown before they can be resummoned after they die… which must count down while you are online

buildings like starcraft: construct buildings on a grid… summon workers… have them gather resources… build more buildings… summon mercenaries

transforming: combine characters into super characters and split the controls between multiple players… think along the lines of megazord from power rangers

I also have a complete finished formal game concept document… in which all of the features are fully explained. You do however have to make inferences between it and a content creation outline… all of the features are explained but not all of the possibilities are dictated. The game concept and outline can be found in the following pastebin… which also contains some writing about my theories on game development in general.

I don’t play MMO’s myself, but I noticed this item:

Kingdoms of Amalur uses this type of mechanic as an Enchantment mechanism. Armor pieces and weapons have slots that can accept crystals. The worst equipment doesn’t have any slots, the best can have 3 slots. Crystals can be crafted or found as loot, and there are different types (offensive/defensive/skill enhance).

Yeah but I don’t think there are any item slots where your item in that slot has an item slot… which has an item in it which has an item slot too…

not to be exhibit here but you get what I’m saying dawg?


I hope you don’t mind a wall of text - but this is something I’ve focused on for years - I don’t know how old you are or what your MMO background is - but what you describe (almost every single point) is what the original Ultima Online offered (it was the ‘first’ MMO, if you’re not familiar with it - you should really, really read about it - I recommend reading anything UO related you can find on Raph Koster’s website (he was the principal designer), you could also search for things from Richard Garriott who created the Ultima series.) I’m going to give you some point-by-point information, and I want to say up front that I hope I don’t come off as preachy, but bare with me and see where I’m going with this. I like a lot of your ideas and I hope you might like to hear my input.

The problem boils down to a few facts - 1) the majority of people who play MMOs dislike open PVP and full loot (I will back this up more later) 2) MMOs have gradually moved away from almost every single model you list here BECAUSE of player feedback (again I’ll give examples later, stay with me.) Just so we’re clear, I played Ultima Online from beta for about 6-7 years. I played the original Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage 2, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft, Asheron’s Call, Warhammer Online - I’ve played a lot of MMOs, and my favorite thing in the world is open PVP and full loot.

  1. Full Loot
    As I stated, Ultima Online was the first real MMO and when it launched it was full loot - anyone or anything who died was fully lootable - the game was designed around this concept (rabbits can be harvested for meat when they die, so wolves eat them, and bears eat wolves, and dragons eat bears, etc etc), if a skeleton has a halberd - he drops it when he dies. If you saw a player in fancy rare armor, you could murder him and take it from his cold dead body. This was a HUGE complaint as the game got traction. People would claim (whether falsely or not) to lose connection (and to be fair it came out when dialup was the most common internet access, it happened) and be furious that they lost all their equipment, sometimes thousands of real life dollars of things - to either dying to a monster (or a person) and then being looted while they were disconnected. There was griefing (purposely hitting someone with a denial of service just to loot them). In my opinion there was a lot of tactical thought that went into it and I loved it - even when I lost things that were immensely valuable. There was a certain hubris to wearing your best items and gear outside of town, you could lose everything - if you were going out to look for trouble most people had a set of gear just for that - run of the mill but still good, wouldn’t break your heart if you lost it.

This was thwarted in two ways - 1) they mirrored the entire world calling the original Felucca and the new copy Trammel - trammel allowed NO PVP and NO LOOTING of players, period and 2) insurance - you could pay a small amount (say 300g per item) to insure every item, this amount was automatically deducted from your bank everytime you died, and assuming you had enough to cover it - it was all automatically reinsured. This worked also in Felucca, meaning you could just insure all of your items and never drop anything. This was done in response to overwhelming complaints about full loot. I hate it, but it’s the truth. This is why pretty much no game does this now, the vast majority of your players are carebears who aren’t interested in fighting or looting other players so it becomes a huge negative to them, they can be attacked and ‘robbed’ while wanting no part of that, that’s not the game for them.

Now I’m going to continue that to say I hate the way they handled it, I love PVP and I loved looting people, I think this was handled unfairly (if you don’t want to lose all your stuff to someone else, don’t play an MMO - instead they changed the rules to suit the people who didn’t want to fight.) Every game that has attempted this (both Open PVP and Full Loot) has failed, Darkfall is the most recent example I can think of. The vast majority of people for some reason don’t like this idea. (I’m sure other things play into it, but I can’t point to a successful one at all.)

  1. PVP Flagging and Guards
    Again, UO had this when it released in 1997, this is old hat. It’s almost identical to how you described it (except guards wouldn’t automatically attack criminals, only people who commited crimes within the town limits or outright murderers - people who’d killed at least 5 innocents.) While the system was a little janky (if someone pick pocketed you or attacked you even 1 inch within the town limits, all you had to do was type ‘guards’ and the guards would teleport to them and instantly kill them with one hit. If the person was flagged PK (murderer) or criminal, they were openly lootable by anyone (if an innocent died within the town limits, looting them would flag you and the guards would respond to a call of guards to instantly kill the person who looted them.) We used to do a sort of leap frog - use a trapped box to kill someone, have someone with nothing on them loot the item or items you want as quickly as possible, if they can get away - great, if not, they will be lootable and a criminal so you can loot their body (what you wanted from the first person) and get away scot free, all you did was loot a criminal.

While the system was a littly janky (with the 1 hit wonder instant teleporting guards) it worked - it made cities safe, you didn’t have to worry about it as long as you weren’t AFK at the edge of the city limits or anything, there was even a town (Buc’s den) that had no guards, it was the only town that PKs could bank at, but it was a free for all and there were constantly PK hunters there, it was a very, very dangerous and exciting place. I spent a lot of time there, to me it was insanely fun. I never understood why this wasn’t enough for the carebears - if you want to go into a dungeon shouldn’t it be dangerous? If you want to explore the wilderness shouldn’t there be bandits?

The problem with PVP (open or otherwise) and Full Loot was, is, and always will be two specific things 1) New Players and 2) Noncombatants

  1. No matter how you turn it, it’s extremely frustrating to get killed by (and potentially lose all of your things) someone who is way, way better off than you. Not necessarily better at the game - but has played it for longer and has more resources than you. Imagine that every game you played you always were half as powerful as everyone else, you did half as much damage, took twice as much, had half as much health etc. Now add to that the ability to lose all your things, and the fact you can be attacked anywhere outside of town (and you can’t level up your skills or get loot in town…) Some games have tackled this with things like low level invulnerability - but that doesn’t change the fact someone who has played for 6 months has way more money to invest in way better items than you, even if you are max level - sometimes it’s just not fair. Ultima Online used to handle this fairly well because there was only so much you could get as far as items went, the best stuff was crafted by grandmaster blacksmith players, it wasn’t prohibitively expensive - so if you were max skill and had GM equipment, you were on a pretty level playing field. Some have handled it with things like ‘noob islands’, where PVP is not possible and once you hit a certain threshold you have to leave. Either way it’s a very hard problem to solve.

and more importantly 2) This goes back to the carebears, the bane of my existence. The fact is, if you look at the dichotomy between who plays what games, you’ll see that massively popular games like WoW manage that popularity by being accessible to everyone. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad, your 6 year old nephew, the guy with no arms. They can all play and if they don’t want to deal with fighting other people (who are much harder than any computer opponent no matter what), they don’t have to. You should look around, there were some articles I read some time ago about how much time people in WoW spend just sitting in town looking at how awesome they look. Those people would be crushed if they could lose all of their items, and in a game like WoW which is so item dependent, you could become useless if you lost your gear (that took you LITERALLY MONTHS to get.) With Full Loot you simply cut out a huge part of the audience of gaming now.

I hate #2, I feel like games have gotten ridiculously easy compared to the games I grew up with (why is it that original nintendo games are still harder today than almost anything you can play on a ‘next-gen’ console, okay except maybe Dark Souls). But the thing is, unless you can get the not-so-hardcore gamers to play, it’s very hard to become popular. Absolutely every single person I know that still plays WoW only plays because that’s what their friends still play. People like playing with their friends, and if Betty won’t play your game because she gets murdered and loses all her equipment, then Betty’s friends aren’t going to play, they’ll just stay where Betty is and keep their group together. If you can come up with a clever solution to this, one that works - you probably have a multi-million dollar idea.

  1. Item Slots
    I really like this idea, it’s got some things in common with slots we’ve seen before (as you said), like gems in Diablo 3 (and other games, even old school Final Fantasy games.) I’ve thought of similar things (only mine were to give resources different characteristics, so that you could create your own custom alloys/mixtures and craft items and weapons from them imparting specific characteristics on them permanently). I liked to imagine this as a kind of thing where there may be some super rare materials (that randomly spawn when all of another very rare material is gone), that have unique properties and exist in limited quantities, meaning different crafters/vendors would be able to create unique items or to work towards a master work that would be unique - the resource itself would be very valuable, and what you did with it could either ruin it or make it powerful and expensive. I liked this idea because to me it gave a throw back to UO. In UO if an item was crafted by a grandmaster (maxed skill) it would be tagged as crafted by that person. Several people made a name for themselves not for being the most powerful warrior, but for making quality reliable gear. I imagine this would be sort of the same thing, maybe Omynys is a blacksmith, and you’ve happened upon a few rare minerals or metals that have allowed you to sell very powerful weapons, people would seek out your work, and would seek you out to sell you their rare materials either because they know you want them or because they want an item in return. I like the slots idea, but I think it could be tweaked to add more power to the crafting side (which would make the carebears happier) while still retaining the uniqueness and flexibility for the user of the items.

  2. Vendor Gold
    I’ve always thought that the most powerful items should be crafted by players. I’ve never in my life been a fan of things like WoW’s system of getting drops from high end bosses, especially when they make it things like a super small drop %. It relegates it to people who have an ungodly amount of time to grind, and I hate grinding. I completely agree with you here that except for reliable good quality items, anything better than that should be player crafted and sold by them (even if they sell them to NPC vendors). UO only had one currency, gold. No silver or copper or anything else, just gold - it worked fine and it made it easy to know things relative worth. Although it never had anything like an auction house (if anything back then ebay was UO’s auction house), it was not hard to find the market price of anything. You could make money selling bulk resources (like spell regaents or bandages), or unique items (rares from dungeons whatever), or armor/weapons.

  3. Breakable Items
    I think most games do this to varying degrees - but again I like UO’s system a lot (I know other games use it, and probably did before it.) In this system every item (Based on the quality of materials used and the skill of the person who created it) starts with a durablity, maybe 60/60, or 200/200. If the item decays down to 0/60 (for example), then it starts losing permanent points on the right, also everytime you repair it you lose at least one point on the right, meaning no weapon or item lasts forever. I personally used to use a mace in PVP in UO because it caused a lot of armor damage, yo ucould literally beat the armor off of people and kill them. Breakable items in my opinion are a required sink for a sustainable game, I find it boring and counterintuitive when, again like WoW, you grind for months for an item and then everyone just has the same item until the next expansion comes out and something better comes along. There shouldn’t be one ‘best item’, there should be many of a similar power level but varying stats that would suit a plethora of different playstyles, and giving all items durability enforces a constant flow of items. Like in UO you’d have things where eventually someone retires a weapon to mount on the wall of their house because they don’t have the heart to use those last few points of durability and lose the item forever, just having it as a memento is a wonderful thing.

  4. Longer Cooldowns
    I couldn’t disagree with you more on this. First, you make a point about making multiple toons - which I’ve always been disgusted with. I’m a proponent of the one character per account way of thinking, and I can’t imagine switching through different characters because I’ve used my cooldowns up. I also have always hated the idea of ‘alts’, this discourages interaction between players. If you can have 1 character who’s a fighter, 1 who’s a mage, 1 who’s a miner, 1 who’s a tailor and 1 who’s a blacksmith - why do you ever need to talk to anyone? I believe in 1 character per account, pick what makes you happy and play it. I like the financial disincentive that if you want alts you have to pay for every single character. Let the people who really want to be a blacksmith be a blacksmith - if people focus on the type of gameplay that makes them happiest then you end up with a happier playerbase in general. Anyway, cooldowns. Have you played a game like League of Legends? (It’s the most popular game I can think of with annoying cooldowns.) Yes, I completely agree that in a sense spamming an attack repeatedly is not desireable - but this is focusing on a problem that is created for no reason. The reason cooldowns exist is to balance the power of a spell, a move, whatever. If you can only use a spell once every few minutes, or once an hour, or god forbid once a day - that ability is WAY too powerful!

I much prefer, and I think it’s a much more elegant system to be resource bound instead of cooldown. This would mean that spells use things like mana (which rebuilds over time) and reagants (items that are consumed, depending on which spell you cast), and attacks/moves use things like stamina/endurance (again that rebuilds over time) and are based on your dexterity. I think cooldowns limit your ability to play your character how you want them to. If you relate it again to a game like League of Legends, you end up with a ‘best rotation’ in order to use your skills and manage their cooldowns. The thing is how many of those champions have skills that no one likes, or that’s a waste of space? I like the idea better that you manage the resource (like mana) and are able to use whatever ability/spell/action you can as long as you have the soft-resource it requires. If you want to launch a flurry of fireballs at someone you should be able to, not have to wait 30 seconds because you already casted one fireball.

Anyway, we can agree to disagree on this point, but I think you should consider it more - as a player I hate cooldowns and would shy away from any game that had multiple LONG cooldowns enforced (especially if the idea behind it was to make you have multiple characters of the same type…)

  1. City Takeovers
    I also have to disagree with you about player structures. I think it depends on how it’s done, as a guild member back in the day there was much, much fighting out of player houses (guild houses), and frequently spots where multiple enemy guilds lived were more lively than dungeons - it’s a fun thing to camp some guild you don’t likes headquarters and try to catch them returning with all their loot. However one of the big letdowns of most player housing (which UO was VERY guilty of) is that it tends to not be in cities. What you used to have is cities with big expanses of forest/desert/jungle/whatever between them, however the ‘empty’ spots would inevitably get filled up with houses, which meant it felt like you were always in a ghost town - thousands and thousands of houses you never saw people at or around. I’ve yet to see an elegant solution to this. I don’t really like instanced housing, and I don’t really like the wilderness being full of random houses. Shadowbane had a fairly nice system (you could have a house in a player owned city, player owned cities were destroyable/attackable as were your houses, you couldn’t just place them anywhere), I always hated empty buildings in NPC cities - why can’t I rent this building for a shop or my own house, etc. I think a mix of the two is probably the ideal situation. I think big cities (whether NPC or PC) should not only allow houses/shops, but multiple-dwelling units like apartments, a building that may house 50 or more small places players can buy.

The other big fall back in my opinion is most games that have player housing do it as a one time cost, that’s not how it works. Houses are expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain - I think this should be based on location (if you’re in a city, the more people who want your house the more it’s worth and the more it’s going to cost in taxes to keep it, especially if it’s a popular city), but if you’re in the slums near town, with no guard coverage, probably not so expensive. The simple fact is though, not everyone needs houses (this goes to #10)- generally it should be reserved for GROUPS of people, like guilds. But as someone who owned multiple houses in games, I always liked it - it’s a weird problem that’s hard to solve.

  1. Damage Types
    Many games do this, poison damage and poison resistance, cold damage and resistance, fire, energy, etc. I think this would play very nicely into what I was talking about with craftable items before, but I’m not a huge fan of it - it’s a balancing nightmare, I would consider them modifiers as opposed to the bulk base damage. Even with spells I think you should have Magic Resist in addition to individual elements, or with physical attacks I think you should have Armor in addition to any individual elements.

  2. Mercenaries
    This isn’t really my cup of tea but I can see how it’d be amusing. I’ve always liked the idea of better AI - being able to convince an NPC to not attack you (or even to fight on your side), or hire them etc. I wouldn’t want to play as them though. Many times I’ve thought about having your own character controlled by AI. It’s a ratsnest of problems though, I like the idea because every player in your world could be in game all the time, but how ****** would you be if your AI died while you weren’t around, maybe in a way you personally wouldn’t have been. If it’s not when I’m offline though I can’t think of a reason I’d ever want AI to play my character, or that Id’ want to play a random NPC. Again though, whatever floats your boat if you can make it work.

  3. Banking
    I agree on some points, but mostly disagree with you here. I agree that they should be unlimited in size (if you can store everything you want in your bank, most people wouldn’t need houses - a lot of houses in UO were used solely for storage because the banks had a limit.) I do think it should be accessible between characters (as I said earlier, I think you should only have one per account anyway, but if you have more - they should share a bank account.) However your invulnerability period to me is a big problem.

There is nothing wrong with having as your motive the idea to rob someone. It’s a legitimate tactic and as long as you aren’t cheating or exploiting to do it, it should be allowed. If you’re going to do something with a high value item or a lot of money, you should HAVE TO BE very careful. No one goes to the bank and takes out 50 million on a cart expecting to be able to walk down the street with it. No one is carrying around 10lb diamonds. These things should be inherently risky to have. For the most part people aren’t going to know (unless you tell them) what you have or what you’re doing, so I think it’s a much better idea to say - if you’re going to move valuable things or a lot of money, get some friends to protect you (hope they don’t stab you in the back!), or do it as clandestinely as possible, get everything ready, come back later, grab it and either sprint or walk away casually, wait until the middle of the night. Moving high value items to and from your bank should be a risky proposition.

Yes, you should feel invested in your property, but when you put artificial limits like these (cooldowns with no reason other than time, periods where you can’t be attacked, damaged or killed, not being able to loot what you know someone was wearing - you WANT full loot right? Think about it) it drastically alters the mood of the game. If you believe in full loot than it’s counterintuitive to think you should be protected while banking. You should be CAUTIOUS while banking, and if you’re doing it in a town with guards - you should be and feel relatively safe. If you’re out and kill someone and take their stuff, and are rushing back to town to bank your super valuable items you just took - you should be in danger the entire time, that person or their friends should be able to catch up to you and take it back, not be forced to watch while you wave it around with impunity because you’ve invoked your invulnerability time by going to the bank.

Anyway, sorry that’s a lot - but like I said, almost all these are not only topics that interest me, but ones I’ve given a lot of personal thought to, and that I’ve either liked or disliked in the past, and that I have planned in some shape or fashion (and most of them working!) in my own game.

You said that PVP flagging and guards is pretty much just like in UO… you are incorrect… and let me explain to you why. You said when someone kills an innocent player and the innocent player gets looted, he becomes criminal and the guards would kill him, and then you could essentially “loot the looter” and then be scott free. I wanted my system to protect the possessions of the original owner… where if you “loot the looter” you go criminal yourself too. That is where my system is different… you can not “loot the looter” and still be innocent. Beyond that you will also flag as certain colors depending on who attacked who first… which will determine who is flagged as criminal or will get murder counts… and there are also different colors which happen if you attack a guild member or a guild member attacks you.

I don’t know if you understood my damage types thing… there is no game that I know of where you can equip some “ice gear” to start doing “ice damage” and begin taking more damage from players who are dealing “rock damage” while simultaneously hurting players with “fire gear”. Basically if you get some “ice gear” you will take less ice damage and will take more damage and deal more to players with fire gear . Its not like your attacks will do ice damage… part of your damage will now be “ice damage”… because of your gear being ice gear.

Give me some slack with the banking thing… I think players should be able to retreat and go to town to get out of the fray…

Do you understand what I said about vendor gold? If the only purpose of gold is to trade between players or purchase player housing… IMO its useless. I always thought player housing was for novelty. And if the gold can’t be “spent”(not traded) on useful equipment then its pointless. Regardless of whether or not people trade with it… they shouldn’t trade with it because it technically holds no value.

Do you understand the reason for daily cooldown spells… just so there would be a reason for you to want to make another character of the same class. Perhaps you think you do really good with an accuracy bonus on your “marksman” or whatever and you think its OP… so you made 3 marksman toons so you can use the super accuracy bonus once per day.

Oh I apologize, I thought you wanted a discussion about these different things, which I was hoping to provide you with. I didn’t realize you thought they were all unique ideas and wanted validation that they were perfect and unique. Your tone is condescending and rude, I was speaking in general terms (which I thought you were, I didn’t know you thought these were specific well thought out and well explained ideas) - so I’m done here, enjoy your conversation and I wish you the best of luck with your project.

How is my tone condescending and rude? You thought you understood what I wrote… and you commented… and I thought you were incorrect. I wrote “You are most definitely wrong”. That’s the only thing I can imagine that I said in that whole post that had a “condescending and rude tone”… and I edited it now to say “incorrect”. You basically said my “pvp flagging” and “damage type” system that I was claiming was unique was not unique.

I didn’t touch your opinions on city takeovers and mercenaries and the original full loot concept or even the item slots thing because I thought we were on the same page with those. Even though we don’t completely agree… on the cool factor

But I genuinely thought you didn’t understand why I thought vendor gold needs to be spent on expensive items… or why daily cooldowns could give you a reason to make multiple toons of the same class… and I especially don’t think you understood how I know my “PVP flagging” is different from other games ever made. Or how my “Damage type system” works neither

I read your whole post… and I don’t see how its fair that you can just call me out for “being rude” like that… because I don’t think I was rude.

And for the record this is not my “project”… I can never finish something of this magnitude… it would take a ton of work even if I knew how to do it… and I don’t think I could ever learn anyways… and I have no experience in game development. Regardless… I am still serious about convincing someone that these unique mechanics of mine could change the industry… even for just the purpose of discussion

“My system would be like UO, except when someone loots the looter they also become a criminal because they are carrying stolen goods.”
Would be a nicer way to put it, for me rude and condescending is maybe a little too far but I can see how many of your sentences could be read that way.

Though perhaps I was missing something but the systems seem pretty similar except yours just keeps on going?


Seems like I missed out with not playing UO =

I personally also always liked PVP and do look the idea of full loot.
I’ve had a little bit of thought about how to create some kind of ecosystem where this kind of thing can work.

  • Could a system where it’s very hard to become both a strong fighter and a master craftsman help?
    If combatants have to rely on crafters for better gear they may be less likely to hunt them? (I’m generally a fan of characters not being able to do everything, encouraging jolly co-operation).

  • Perhaps criminals can get bounties on their heads, if they are particularly nasty perhaps the king/ruler etc. might offer a good reward, both NPC’s or other players could accept this bounty, get some cash if victorious and hopefully return the poor carebears stuff.

  • While I think that insurance is pretty awful, perhaps things could be enchanted to return one time or something?

  • Also if ‘power’ was more skill and character based (compared to WoW/GW2, the only MMO’s I’ve spent huge amounts of time in), it might hurt less having your things gone.

  • Probably more things floating around in my head here but that’s it for now

I absolutely agree on this, cooldowns don’t make much sense outside of game balance.
The system I’m currently pondering on for casting magic or using other skills is something along the lines of:

  • Your resources are HP, energy and energy recovery (Could be more of less but this works for an explanation).
  • Using spells depletes both energy and your energy recovery (let’s call it ER) stat, bigger spells cost both more energy and ER.
  • Obviously the less ER you have the slower your energy recovers giving you less sprint time/dodges etc.
  • ER may be recovered by resting/eating/perhaps a spell cast by someone else.
  • Running out completely could either lower stats significantly, make you fall over from exhaustion etc.
  • Resource management is now actually important, players both have the freedom to go willy nilly with their spells however they see fit, but do you really want to risk it? Hopefully this would be an interesting choice for players.

That’s the kind of system I’m currently looking at for my labour of love.

As far as alts go, I wouldn’t have played WoW or GW2 anywhere near as much without alts, but I certainly wouldn’t have payed for more than one or two, I just had too much free time.

I edited the PVP flagging section…

I have lots of radical ideas for games… but these ones for the MMO are less obvious than my other ideas… For WoW I wish someone would make a version of WoW where instead of leveling up and getting items and roaming in a free world… you queue up for matchmaking with maps and forge and custom gametypes like the halo franchise. And in StarCraft I wish you could have a hero worker which could mine special minerals(red instead of blue) and build special units with the red minerals.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of of giving games more content… and I have some ideas which I don’t understand have never like hitten people in the face. I can explain them better and have big documents on my feelings about them… if anyone wants to see.

I also like the Madison guys idea where you have super rare items that you have to get super lucky with or else they ruin your item instead of make it godly. I don’t know I don’t understand why creativity isn’t like some “sky is the limit” thing with games. Instead it seems like we get a bunch of cookie cutters with features I don’t even care about… like end game epics or unlocking some **** that should be available the first time you turn on the **** game.

this post is just kind of stating that I seem to look at games differently than other people

you mentioned bounties… But I’m not including that in my ideas(but you can still talk about it)… just the same reason I wouldn’t really include your eating food to increase spell casting idea… or his rare crafting failure idea… ideas are a dime a dozen… but I like mine best…

you wanted bounties to soften the blow of full loot loss… But I think it will be ok for it to be full loot for various reasons… there is a system to protect the possessions of the original owners when around guards… there is a way to retreat safely to town… and the way I envision PVP works is so 40 newly made characters can take down a fully leveled character in the best gear… and if you’ve spent maybe fifty hours playing the game you wont need more than 7 people to take down the godliest of god players

but I suppose that would be for launch :3 cat face and godly characters would just become more godly with each expansion… and I would make it so there were literally no god characters… just something to literally drool at the impossibility of ever acquiring(while maybe not letting it be completely out of reach if you had like the general cooperation and say 300 hours of many)… and like 100 cooperative additional hours each expansion to become twice the player of the most godly previous expansion

****… this is turning out to me saying just a bunch of random ****

did I mention I want this to be a shooter? no but yes I want it to be shooting and blocking and grenades and AOE and rocket launchers and the like…

Well games are expensive to make and publishers/investors generally will be cautious about things that are different.
There’s a team working on a UE4 MMO that looks pretty cool (can’t remember the name -_-), but some of them were working on Rift, and it seems like Rift was meant to be something quite different from what it ended up as.

I’m pretty **** sure developers everywhere have all kinds of ideas for games they’d like to make, but the money has to come from somewhere.

Well WvWvW in GW2 is kiiiiind of like a big game of Domination?
Not quite what you’re suggesting but not too far off either.

But on the upside, it’s getting easier and easier for smaller teams to make games, start figuring out how to implement your ideas (and try them!) and eventually when/if you get a prototype going maybe you can attract some other people to the idea.

I would need someone to hold my hand… teaching me how to make the game step by step… alls I have is ideas. I’m sorry but I am sure everyone is just going to say I am cancer to the world or something and that I should never step foot in a game development forum because of my stupidity and lack of motivation to try and learn… but I’m sure theres plenty of people who have tried to learn for years and years and have failed… I’m positive I would be one of those people… and even if I can’t prove that all my efforts would be a waste… its not worth the risk. Please lets not turn this into a discussion about how I should like learn to make games or something. Because then it turns into me claiming that it would be a million times easier if someone would just build the framework and teach me how to make the content for it… and no one wants to hear that ****. No one wants to hear me say a million times till im blue in the face that I think the video games I conceptualize are so much cooler than the ones on the market and its a conspiracy that no one will make them… and that its a conspiracy because life isn’t actually about video games and that’s why people make games with cookie cutter content instead of awesome ones(even if my idea of awesome just generally means some autist view of progression and full loot… or free for alls and matchmaking). No ones going to agree with me that the game industry is a conspiracy. No ones going to agree with me that my ideas are cooler than any game on the market either… and no one is going to teach me 1on1 or make my project for me.

Well the other option would be to get hella good at writing documentation/business plans and that kind of thing.
Or land a sweet job and pay some people for their spare time.

With prototyping things it doesn’t have to be a full game or anything, just that people are more likely to help people who help themselves/show initiative but if it’s not your thing then it’s not your thing.

I have a whole game concept and content creation outline for this game I want made… and IMO it would be the coolest MMO ever created. Does that mean that anyone else will ever pay me for my idea? I don’t know it seems like you are suggesting that they will somehow. But I’ve had plenty of people tell me it sucks… and how could I write documentation about planning… its just an explanation of the mechanics… it has nothing to do with the art style… it is not coupled with any models or physical files…

and this is my kind of thing… video games are my life… and it upsets me that I think there are so many games out there that I think would be awesome… or at the very least just sort of creative… by taking a normal game and putting either an “rpg progression” or “multiteam/matchtype matchmaking” or “combo points and energy” or “equipment” spin on them… and I do and will always and forever believe it is a conspiracy… soley to make me believe that I am some sort of sad autistic child who can never express how these concepts would mean so much to me in video games… because I don’t think it would be all that difficult to implement these features or mechanics or concepts or whatever you want to call them

but whatever… for every person like me im sure there 1000 people on this forum to tell them hes an idiot and a troll and refer me to the Donald kruger hypothesis

DayZ has some of your points, it’s brutal lol. I started playing DayZ mod when it first came out, played for about a year till the “hack” problem got out of hand, this due to the Devs building the engine around scripts. Most fun I have had is SWG & Warhammer Online, but you are right the current scene is so blah, I blame it on the console wave. Game I’m now backing is Star Citizen, if they can pull it off, it will shake up the scene.

I’m trying to point out that my ideas are better to help promote time investment… as opposed to other games.

Where generally its very easy in other games to lose your stuff because you can’t bank in peace and there is no system to protect your possessions when around guards. Also I see no point for “vendor gold” in other games because the said gold is not used to purchase the best equipment… its used to trade between players and IMO its stupid to trade with it because it doesn’t hold value(not to me anyway) since I can’t actually spend it at a vendor. Plus there is incentive to make more than one character of each class in my game(cooldowns and ability assigning and mercenaries). And because of the way the inventory(you can’t pick up an item if you don’t have a slot for it) and damage type system works… you would have to pick your gear wisely. Add on top of that the fact that items break easily in my game and you always need new ones. Also how taking over cities would be required to produce the best gear… hands down… combined with the purchasing and combining of vendor products… so being part of a powerful guild and having tons of gold is the only way to get the best equipment. And the way banks work in this game is that they are unlimited inside and cross your whole account… promoting the acquisition of as many items and as much wealth as possible.

i’m glad this thread got reopened… darthviper told me not to delete this thread and use it for all my purposes… because I deleted it and opened up a new thread

I wrote a lot of good posts in this thread I think :*)

I just hope the 300 or whatever views it has… I hope those people read it again :3 and check out the revised first post which is much more clear I think

Here is the flagging system… which I have just completely worked out today. As I said it should function so you can always know who is attacking you… It will also let you know sometimes who you have attacked… or sometimes speculate as to whether or not you can get a murder count for killing the players.

There are three sets of flags… one for people out of combat… one for people not in groups that are in combat… and one for groups in combat. The group combat flags take priority over the non group combat flags which take priority over the out of combat flags. It is possible that you can be multiple flags at once(meaning this guy sees you as red… this guy sees you as green… this guy sees you as white)… but to each individual you will never be more than one color(because mechanically you are either in combat with that player or in a group or like you have attacked or like you attacked first).

I will now explain all of the features of the flagging system.

Murderers are red. If you kill an innocent player who has not attacked you first you will get a murder count. Murder counts disappear every 8 hours(as long as you have not killed anyone) and even if you are logged out. Five murder counts and you are red. If you attack an innocent player you will become a criminal. Criminals are grey. Innocent players are blue. Red takes priority over grey which takes priority over blue. And in this system… if you are grey you are a criminal(I like the clarity this provides).

If you attack a murderer or criminal he will become white. A criminal or murderer attacking you is black. If he is white(or was white) and you are innocent then you are purple to him(sort of like local grey in other games). If you attack an innocent player first he will become gold… if a gold player attacks you he will become yellow.

If you attack a group member they will become orange and their other group members who have not engaged you will be flashing orange… and you will become pink or flashing pink. If the group attacks you then they will become brown or flashing brown. If the group attacks you first then you will become green or flashing green… and if you attack them back once you are green you will become burgundy or flashing burgundy.

There is a grey area no pun intended. You can never be sure if you will get a murder count if the player you are attacking is green or burgundy…

Any features to encourage Role Playing? I had the idea of ‘Workers’ and ‘Actors’ in which Players posses NPCs to perform non-combative routine jobs and support roles to earn stuff. As a Worker, players take on jobs as Taxi Drivers, Bartenders, Waitress, Housecleaning, Sanitation Techs, Mail Carriers, Delivery Services, etc. As a Actor, players act out a repetitive scripted roles to support narrative, possibly earning points based on quality surveys & ratings.

Any Multi-genre game-play? The concept of more-games-in-one. Why have MyMMO, when you can have MyMMO:RTS, MyMMO:EconSim, MyMMO:MonsterMaker, others that are all part of same game world? The economy could be driven by a Economic Stock Market Simulation. Players engaged in the Economics Simulation run virtual Companies that effect the game world, product branding, supply demand, etc. Politics could be driven by an RTS. Players engaged in the RTS organize and manage factions for city takeovers. You could effectively offer 2 or more Game products that are all part of the same MMO.

This is where I see the Next Gen MMO going.