features for broadcasting

Hi all,
I would like to see implemented these features in UE4:

Alpha channel output support through Nvidia Quadro boards.
3D animable text. I want to use dynamic 3d text to show live graphics for sports and quizzes.
Support for Excel or database files. I need this feature to collect external data for elections.
Basic parametric modeler to animate morphable objects, for example twist, bend texts or extrude on a path shapes.
Better UMG 2d features: bezier shapes, animable freehand paint
3D warp output to shape graphics for video projections.
MIDI or smpte support to sync external devices.


Hello gabrielefx,

Thank you for taking the time to request these features. I have gone ahead an entered a couple of these into our system as Feature Requests. The others were handled by another team member, but we have made sure your request(s) were addressed.

Thanks again and let us know if you have additional requests or have an issue that we can help you resolve.


Andrew Hurley