Featureless File Browser on Import

OS linux 64 bit ubuntu 14.04
Compiled from git sources

When clicking ‘Import’ in the content manager a UE4 file dialog opens. This file dialog doesn’t allow to copy/paste paths or set favorite directories, only navigation by clicking and scrolling is possible, which makes importing models uncomfortable when importing from a location that’s not in the unreal projects tree.
This happens with the ubuntu ‘unity’ default desktop as well as enlightenment e17/e20 (other desktops not tested).


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a project in UE4
  2. Hit ‘Import’ in the content browser

(in #unrealengine IRC I was told this is a bug, that’s why I filed here and not under feature request)

Hey OutOfCheese-

I was able to reproduce the import window you described and have entered a bug report (UE-22349) for further investigation.