Featured free Marketplace content - Some items are missing from vault

Today I noticed that I’m missing some items on vault. Those items are from november’s featured free content.
I have taken all featured free content since november, but following items are missing from vault

  • Polygon City Pack, Synty Studios
  • Dead Hills Landscape v2.0, Pixel Perfect Polygons
  • Desert Dragon, Protofactor inc
  • Advanced Magic FX 13, Kakky

Have you checked if they are still visible in your launcher? The marketplace is a buggy mess, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just hidden due to a bug.

They seem fine to me. Try refreshing your cache, check your purchases on your profile, make sure they where purchased with your current account. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I checked my purchases on my profile and items are not there. So I’m thinking something happened or I messed up something during checkout.
Thank you for your help.