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Since the Sticky has been taken down or hidden from the main view, I wanted to express my view on the subject:

I think there should be some reconsideration for only allowing 1 pack per studio to be submitted. That only penalizes sellers trying to do this fulltime. I mean if its supposed to be equal, then just make more packs for more items to submit, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Why is the number of packs a seller makes the determining factor to be excluded from promotions? Is the goal to let everyone who makes a pack to be visible just so everyone gets a turn or is it supposed to be a business and display featured content and make money?

In essence if someone has several top selling packs, they can’t be featured because why exactly? Don’t they deserve to have visibility too, its not like the visibility is making those packs sell good already, wouldn’t it just increase the sales overall for epic and the seller.

I’m not for everyone getting a chance to be a quarterback in the superbowl just to make sure their feelings aren’t hurt. In fact with the increased saturation of the marketplace, its harder and harder to get visibility and the amount of money per month per pack has been in a downward trend over the past year. It seems to me, moves like these will only result in existing sellers in moving away from the marketplace to do something else.

I just don’t understand the logic in this decision.

Thanks for reading my concerns on this topic, i know it’s probably a hot topic.


I sugest to put always the best selling pack, because if it is that good probably people like me will check the seller page to look for his other packs, but I also agree that sellers with a lot of packs could feature more! Lets say 25% so a seller with 4 packs feature 1, 8 packs feature 2 etc

A percent of packs is a better way of doing instead of just 1 across the board. Also I’m not sure why this did not post in the creator’s hub… strange…