Featured collection icons

So I hear sketchfab.com is moving to fab.com and it will be based on sketchfab, I was wondering if we could have featured URL buttons like 3-4 buttons like the social media links at the top of sketchfab where we can add links to collections for our main profile page.

For instance if someone adds a collection called store, it should show a shopping cart icon on their main profile page that when clicked takes them to a collection that has their store items so they don’t have to search through lots of models, if its a link to downloadable collection it shows a download free style icon, it would be nice if we could choose an icon as that would be easer than programming dynamic icons based on the collection title.

On mine I have a download collection im going to be building up, 3D prints and store, but it takes up space as I am using the short URLs for sketchfab in the info box and I think it would look better with social media style icons but custom ones in its own box on the profile as described above.

What do you think? can we feature some of our most important collections?