Feature we need in Digital Composite

I.m a comp artist work in Feattured Film live background and creative video. Last month i start a project with UE4.It’s powerful and easy for use.But compare with other Software we use in our Pipe

I think it still need more Features before we can use it as a tool for digital Compsite .

Feature 1 - Cryptomatte
the Most Important Feature we want in Unreal is Cryptomatte!!! In unreal we can use Layers and Compouser creat simple Object Matte.

But if we get 10 + object it must be a Nightmare ! you should add many many Matte layer to get a  correct Matte for Object . It's crazy!

Feature 2 - Exr Export Option
Now in unrel we can export EXR Sequence via sequencer but it’s too large and you can’t management mulit layer in one exr file and the size Matter !!!

 if we can choose exr codec (eg DWAA / DWAB )  will give a great help