[Feature Suggestion] Real-time planar slicing of meshes

See example bellow (Metal Gear Rising Gameplay)

Unless I am mistaken, unreal engine can only generate smashing meshed by way of processing a mesh before runtime into generic chunks.
I would love to see some real-time mesh manipulation features in UE4

I hope this inspires someone on the engineering team, thanks for all the hard work so far and best of luck :slight_smile:

Yeah dynamic slicing and fracturing would sure be pretty cool :slight_smile:

I’m actually working on a simple plank chopping system but it is just duplicating and rescaling the mesh, then scale the uvs appropriately to make it appear as if they are chunks of the same plank.
That only works for cutting it straight down the x,y or z axis though, not diagonally :stuck_out_tongue:

This is already on our Trello UE4 Roadmap board here: Trello

Currently it’s backlogged though, but feel free to vote on the cards that matter to you. This does not indicate it will be the next feature worked on, but it does give us an idea of what the community is most interested in seeing implemented.

Thank you!


And the trees from Cryengine are nice, but i’m no idea if that can work in network games.

Thanks for the response Tim
Good to know something is already planned! I hadn’t seen the trello board before now, I’ll keep an eye :slight_smile: