Feature suggestion: Private event nodes

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it would be a huge help if we could set custom event nodes to private so they could not be called from outside. Often I use events only to decouple different parts of a complicated event graph.

All these events in list for a blueprint which should NOT BE CALLED from outside can get really confusing.

In these case all those events which are marked as ‘private’ should not be listed as callable events when referencing blueprint from outside.


PS: BTW, would be great if we could enter some description for custom events when can then be shown as tooltip (like functions).

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Any reaction, please…?

+1, this would be really helpful.


Thanks again for this suggestion. As mentioned in other post we were discussing this on, we have an existing feature request for this (UE-19803). I’ll go ahead and switch focus for that to this AnswerHub post, so if I see any movement on it I’ll update here. Thanks again!

+1 from me too

1.5 years have passed. Still no private-checkbox.

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Here’s a link to public tracker so you can keep up with status of issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-19803)

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I can’t see status of issue, either it got removed or it’s private (which would be kinda ironic)

can you check what’s going on here, or provide some status information?

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Hey Gnurr,

Since posting of link, we’ve moved away from hosting feature requests on public tracker to ensure that it remains an easy place for users to search for existing bugs.

I can, however, check on status of it internally. This feature has not been implemented at this time, as developers are currently focusing on high priority crashes and blocking issues. It is still active in our database, however.

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Still not in for 4.19…

I really wished Epic would wait a bit with all big features for once - after Niagara :slight_smile: , and do thousands of little things in editor that make whole experience better.

This particular one would also be usefull to hide events that are just used to fire timers.

This is something I have been looking for throughout years, I would love if Epic could get around to it. Or someone else that could implement it for us :slight_smile:

Yes please. This is something that would help me right now as I’m developing an asset with blueprint logic to sell on marketplace. Those who buy it would have an easier time working with it if they can only call events that makes sense to call directly (and, I wish events would be able to be categorized like functions so that they don’t just appear under “call function” category when searching for them under right click menu). I can’t convert events to private categorized functions either, because it makes heavy use of Delay node.


Would like to check on status for this request.
Is there any progress?

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/Oscar H

Would like to check on status for this request. Is there any progress?

I would also like to know

hi, please give status of issue)

I’d love to find out status of this issue. I think it’s important to be able to clearly show that certain events aren’t intended to be called from outside blueprint.

7 years later and still don’t have this?

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If you do not require it in an Event Graph use “Create Event” node instead of “Add Custom Event” node. “Create Event” node allows you to create a separate function or event or select an existing function or event (that matches parameters). If you use a function that function can be made private and therefore does not become visible from outside of class. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work in case you need event to interact with other parts of same Event Graph. “Create Event” node also shows you function signature as well as allowing you to bind an event or function from another object instead of self.

I would love this feature!