Feature requirements/requests for visualisation tools?


we are planning to make mechanics for architecture and product visualisations. To create what is really demanded/requested, we would like to get input from professionals what they could need/require for their different use-cases.
Here are some groups of features we have as basis to start with, please add youre requests/wishes in the postings below or contact me via PM directly.

  1. Viewing options (some examples shown here)
  • different pre-setable locations and view-angles for a camera the viewer can switch thru
  • pre-set camera-movements around or thru the models
  • walk-mode for the viewer to control human-scale figure / eye-height in first-person or third person modes
  • fly mode: viewer can control camera in all directions + angles
  • focusing on optional hot-spots during camera movement
  1. Variations of the model and the environment in realtime
  • exchangeable materials/surfaces from a pre-defined set or custom texture
  • exchangeable geometry, e.g. different variations for furniture or facades in a ArchVis, or different designs/parts for a product visualisation
  • adjustable day/nighttime with according sun-position
  • different lightning scenarios, e.g. neon, blue sky sunlit, sunsets…and weather conditions, e.g. rain, snow, …
  • parametrical adjustments in realtime, e.g.:
    input height of stairs and get adjusted staircase
    number of windows on a wall/facade
  1. Interactivity
  • Doors/gates: open, close
  • windows: open partially/full /close
  • curtains and shades: different materials and open/closed
  • lights: off, on, setable light-colour and intensity
  1. Animations
  • vehices, car traffic
  • pedestrians
  • flying: birds, planes, clouds…
  • falling leaves
  1. Effects optical and audio
  • Snow
  • Fire, sparks, smoke, heated/distorted air
  • Water: swimming pools interactive, Waterfalls, river
  • dust, fog
  • post-processing variants
  • video-materials for e.g. TV-screen, advertisement…

ambient/background music
localised for e.g. traffic, fire-sparkling, doors opening/closing, wind, water…

  1. target platforms, input-output devices
  • desktop PC keyboard, mouse, game-controllers
  • VR, which systems?:
  • Mobile?
  • Streaming (cloud deployment) to browser or mobile?
  1. other

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No one in here from the industry sectors building / architecture / planning ?