Feature requests

Here are a few things I’d love to see improved:

-Ability to copy and paste emitters between particle systems.
-Ability to move all 3 vector values at one time in the particle effects curve editor. Often, they’re all set to the same number.
-Visualize where in its lifespan a particle emitter is. For example, If I’m watching a complex particle system play, and I’m trying to figure out exactly where it is along a curve, I can’t. I have to use a lot of trial and error. I’d love to see some UI widget that shows where along the curve it is.
-Allow me to configure more than 5 favorite levels in my File menu.
-I’d really love to see an out-of-the-box solution for creating impact tables (for determining which sound effects, particle effects, decals, etc get played when object collide), I see there are some plugins that allow for CSVs to work with the game, but nice integration would be great. And impact tables seem like something that almost every game would need.
-It would be awesome if Epic could supply a library of physical materials that were as realistic as possible, with a great set of default values. Discovering all the right values is a very time-consuming process.