[Feature Requests] Launcher Chat Improvements

I’m really enjoying the new chat system in Epic Games Launcher but i feel like there can be more to improve it further.

1: Smileys: Smileys FTW! :smiley:
2: Request accept/decline message: When we login into Launcher it will be nice to see notification on who accepted or declined our friend request.
3: Chat history: There is no history of previous conversation. It will nice to see old chats based on date (Something like Skype).
4: Chat images: Obviously this is nice. For example Hangouts chat images.
5: Chat notifications: It’ll be nice to have a notification when we receive a new message.
6: Tabbed chat windows: This will be nice to switch between different chat windows.

1: Custom Categories: Right now we have 3. Friends, Recent Players and Outgoing. If we are able to create custom categories that will be nice.
2: File transfer: Ability to transfer .uasset files? (But maybe this is too much)

If you have any more ideas, please do post it here.

Appear offline

There was one thread already, mine, saw you closing threads ryanjon2014. :wink:

Hey Satheesh,

We’ve put your list into a feature request for the launcher team to review. Looks like there are some plans for some of those things already :wink:

Awesome. Great to hear that Alex. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would love the chat/friends list as a small chat window on the forum too! like how gmail has its chat window.

  • Definitely needs to make urls clickable when pasted into the chat.
  • Also, some type of media support like sharing images/gifs in chat.
  • Group chat with multiple users.
  • Notifications in editor? Possibly too distracting…? who knows.
  • Video/streaming could be interesting, but there’s a lot of other services already doing that.

Hey Dokipen & Soverance,

Thanks so much for your input on how to make the Epic Launcher better! I have submitted your feature requests to our Launcher Team.


Please add the offline mode… Necro’ing for attention