[Feature Request]

Ok I may be alone on this but I find myself all the time wishing that there was an easy way to swap out an asset in the content browser for another. For example say I start prototyping a game but then I decide to re-factor my folder structure. It currently isn’t trivial to do so without breaking all of your re-import model connections. I am not implying there is no way to do this (though if there is I haven’t found it) only that it isn’t obvious or trivial. What I am suggesting is to add an entry to the content browsers right click menu right under reimport to easily replace an asset with another asset (of the same type) for example a model with a different model or a sound file with a different sound file or indeed same sound file but in a new location on your hard drive. I am including a mock-up just because I enjoy making them however I am sure this is easy enough a concept that it probably isn’t needed. :stuck_out_tongue: Replace Mockup.png

Hi shadowscrawl,

Try out the Replace References option in the Content Browser menu (in your version it’s at top-level, but in future versions it’s in a sub-menu titled ‘Asset Actions’). To use it, you select all of the assets you want to consolidate together, then in the pop-up, pick the one you want to serve as the new stand-in.

Michael Noland

I saw that but it just seemed overly complicated for someone who simply wishes to replace a single asset with another single asset (which is not already in the content browser). or to update an assets location on the disk. as far as I can tell the replace references option requires an asset to be already in the content browser and uniquely named. I could of course be missing something about how replace reference works