Feature request

Epic team: Thanks for the great engine!

A feature request: When promoting something to a local variable in a function, have the pre-populated local variable name be something people would actually use, like the word “Local” followed by the name of the variable we are promoting to a local variable. For example, suppose I create an “Increase Health” function, and I give the function a float input called “AmountOfHealthToAdd.” Now, to implement the function, I start by promoting that input to a local variable. By default, the Engine pre-populates the local variable name as “NewLocalVar_0.” That’s a terrible name! No offense, but it obviously doesn’t comply with Epic’s coding standards or, for that matter, anyone’s. So, instead, pre-populate the local variable name as “LocalAmountOfHealthToAdd.” I hope that would be easy for the Epic team to implement – just create a string that appends “Local” and the existing variable name – and it would save us all a lot of time typing in local variable names.

+1 sometimes those little things can cost much time