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Hello UE team, I wanted to request some features in UE and shed some light to some issues. Here they are

1. Problem with Paper 2D -> Sometimes, when testing or playing a 2d game with a Tilemap used, the tilemap seem to have some gaps between tiles,the gap is small but noticable.

2. Post-processing aid → I wanted some features to be added to post process volumes which are - > Cel Shading… I can create cel shading pp materials but those are only 2 - banded cel shading only, I could not find any tutorials telling how to add 3-band,4-band ot 7-band Shading…Can you guys add that thing or make a tutorial about it on your docs.
Toon Outline - I have also tried toon outline by using inverted mesh method but that method is performance consuming, I wanted convulation method added in the properties of pp vol.

3. Gravity points or force fields → It would be nice to add force fields like Wind,Turbulence,Gravity and magnets… Game like Angry Birds Space require Multiple Gravity points to be added for different planets…

**4. A different physics engine for 2d games ->**Like there is in Unity, FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif

5.Blank Projects take a lot of size -> When A blank Project is created, it takes upto 200 mb. Can you please do something to at least lower it down to 100, if possible then 50?

IF possible, Please add these features into UE… Thanks in advance.
[SUP]Rest all is good.[/SUP]

Got no reply,yet

It would be great if these features are added

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Please, don’t take personally what I gonna leave here. It’s a common issue.

Your requests are doomed to fail. And here are reasons.
If request anything… in other words, you ask someone to make an effort for you, it’s extremely important if you also put some effort into your request. Epic employees have no obligation to be active on forums. Community guys will only get interested in most popular threads. Engineers usually reply here if they already did something to deal with a common issue.

And now…

  1. Naming a thread “feature request” already make a lot of people assume that the author is lazy or a newbie. They will be less encouraged to help or discuss.
  2. Putting a few really unrelated requests could cause a similar effect unless you’re opening a well-prepared meta-thread aka “here are the most important changes to the landscape we would love to have”.
  3. Every request should be well described. “Stream of thoughts” or very short bullet points are difficult to understand. You risk that other person won’t understand what you need.

Speaking of this thread…

  1. The first “request” is actually a bug report. It should be reported via bug reporting form, AnswersHub/UDN or separate thread on the forum. You should provide stable repro, so the engineer would be able to repeat and fix the issue. Saying “this sometimes happens” can be not enough. The bug may be caused by something specific to your game or assets. Often it’s good to provide a tiny project exposing a bug.
    You’re minimizing the chance of fixing the bug by putting it in such “feature request” thread.
  2. It’s difficult to tell what you’re trying to achieve in your game. Probably artists would understand it better. I’d recommend posting it as a separate thread in Art forums or talk on Discord server. You got a very low chance of Epic doing anything specific to cel-shading.
    3 & 4) Epic officially said they don’t develop Paper2D, no new features. They only fix bugs from time to time.
  3. All fields you described sounds like game-specific mechanics…
  4. Saying “I want new 2D physics engine” it’s not enough. Even if there would be a chance for it, you should describe your need, provide solid feedback.
  5. It’s not clear what you’re talking about? Size of the packaged project which is empty? Epic does work on making the engine more modular so you could turn off plenty of modules and make executable smaller. You can also choose not to package engine content. IIRC it’s added to cooking by default.

Hope that gonna help you in the future :slight_smile:

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We don’t get interested in just the popular threads. But we do have limited time. Sorry if that is the impression we’ve given. :frowning:

@Kalvothe @Amanda.Bott @VictorLerp

The impression is the Forums / Answer-Hub are on life-support, and UDN is the only support game in town:wink:

I wish Epic would say or formalize what their support policy is today, instead of just not following up on threads like this. Its all left hanging. UDK went this way as well btw. Outside of Livestreams there’s almost no interaction between Epic and the Community anymore. New Community-Managers seemingly just disappear, or leave the occasional reply to random threads here / there.

It doesn’t affect me that much. But new users are increasingly baffled by how the corp behind the biggest game in the world can be so hands-off… Lots of devs are calling for Answer-Hub to be scrapped too. Official Response??? You know Epic could probably close down the UE4-Forums / AH tomorrow and like a tree falling in the forest no one would really notice. Seems a shame!

You are not wrong by any means, Clavos. We know there are things currently hanging over our heads that we need to put a nail in. The post you mentioned there, the wiki, etc, and while it may not feel like it - we are working on all of those things, and many other things. None of that is designed to be an excuse, but an explanation, albeit not a satisfactory one - it is just the cold truth.

It may not feel like it at times, but posts like these are actually really helpful for us.

A community manager!
Quick, your pokeballs, don’t let it escape!

They are too fast, we got no chance :confused:

I didn’t even see that was 1 minute later lol

It would be awesome to make a “Module Creator” where we could create modules when we are adding a new c++ class. Because it is said that it’s one of the best practice to split codes into modules but there is anything to create modules within the editor. (And there is no documentation either for it)

Like this :

Because for now everything has to be hand-made and most of the time it completely break Intellisense or even not compile at all otherwise you delete Binary, Intermediate, Saved…etc and rebuild everything. And I don’t mention that every release there some changes about it.

It would be one of the best features for programmers.

Best regards,