[Feature Request] Will there ever be an internal simplified Dialogue managment system in UE4?

I am in the process of building a dialogue system for my project and so far it is extremely difficult to manage and expand on on a per NPC basis, and I am struggling finding what the best method is to do so.

Will there likely be an internal option to handle communicating dialogue from a specific actor to a widget? Forgive me if I am being naive, something like a custom NPC asset or something that has an event/interact node with a widget reference to select, then below a widget component/text field within the widget to select. Then you could create some form of ‘text field’ node with the containing text and drag a pin to the custom events text widget pin. This would mean that there is no casting to the widget or from the widget and would make for a much simpler form of dialogue creation.

So a basic breakdown of this NPC asset, on interact/when npc event is fired, bring up the referenced widget and occupy the referenced space with the text in the custom text node (or from a string/datatable via pin or something), then close once finished or via an exit event. This would keep all the dialogue within one sheet that you could branch out and expand on but I am sure it isn’t without its flaws.

If this is currently possible in a simplified manner and I am overlooking things, then it would be great if someone could outline the basics of setting it up. Perhaps I am just missing the appropriate tutorials to achieve this, it isn’t widely documented and there definitely isn’t anything I can find as a “best practice” to do this.

Even if this is a far cry from the solution, will dialogue streamlining be looked at in the future by the developers of the engine to smooth the process?