Feature Request: Weapon Collision Visibility

I use the “Player Visibility” option a lot, but I find the other “Visibility Collision” to be less useful to me. It would be cool if UE4 had a “Weapon Collision Visibility” option, so that I can easily see “at a glance” the collision visiblity for weapon projectiles, bullets, etc.

This would be extremely useful for quickly spotting collision issues while working on maps for UT4.

As always, I would also like to see “per poly collision” visibility as well. :slight_smile:

Picture to illustrate!

-Neil (CaptainMigraine)

Hi Neil,

We are happy to consider this feature request, but I just want to understand what behavior you expect to see from this additional view.

What collision setting are you using for you projectile? Visibility Collision generally shows everything a standard projectile will collide with.

Hi, I’ve been using “Ignore Only Pawn” collision on most of my meshes. This causes projectiles and bullets to collide with the mesh, but a player can run through the mesh.

The reason I’ve been doing this is because I generally like to use blocking volumes for most cases. Blocking volumes present much more reliable collision for blocking players for wall dodging, wall running, etc.

When I set collision to “ignore only pawn”, I therefore am unable to see the collision for projectiles/bullets. I think an additional collision visibility option would be useful for that.

-Neil (CaptainMigraine)

Hi Neil,

Thank you for the feedback. Our developers will be taking this Feature Request into consideration. Please keep in mind that this isn’t a guarantee of implementation but it will be looked into.